Week 3: Damn you Debt!

Wooohooo we made it to Week number 3! Accurately entitled “Damn you Debt” because she’s a bitch, but sadly I only have myself to blame. This week we had a financial advisor come into the office and she was SO inspiring! She said it took her a long time to become comfortable talking about money and boy does that resonate with me. I’m not sure what I would do if someone I knew in real life read this blog. Internet friends are honestly the best. AnyTways, I’m rambling. Please check out the post below to see how I spent my … Continue reading Week 3: Damn you Debt!

Keep Evolving

Misery is an infectious disease. I once worked at a company in which everyone (quite literally everyone below C-suite) was miserable. No matter the department across the board we were all severely underpaid. There was a huge cognitive dissonance between mid-level management and upper management and it consistently left us chasing our tails. I complained every day. And my complaints quickly broke the ice between myself and other members within the company. I would get invited out for coffee, lunch, happy hour, you name it! I had an invite and I began to feel like some kind of office celebrity. … Continue reading Keep Evolving