Money Diary Week: IDK?!

Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. The fourth of July was crazy and then suddenly I just couldn’t stick to my regular routine. But I’m back now! And I have come to the realization this is the only way I can actually track my expenses since spreadsheets make me snooze. Plus money is an extremely personal thing and there is truly a story behind every dollar I spend.  Anywho! Here’s how I spent my money this week! Enjoy.  Day 1: Monday 7/22/2019  6:30 am – Good morning! I take my time getting ready today. I decided on … Continue reading Money Diary Week: IDK?!

Week #1 Money Diary Challenge: I’m addicted to Trader Joe’s

Hi, my loves! I’m attempting to get better with my finances by closely tracking my expenses. Guess what? You all are my accountability partners! Here’s how I spend my money in a week. (DISCLAIMER: This is obviously super inspired by Money Diaries by Refinery29) Day 1: Monday 4/1/2019 6:45 am – Woke up kinda early. Snoozed the 6:30 am alarm – one day I will make it to the gym before work! Got ready and did my current skincare routine (brows, mascara, Trader Joe’s rose facial oil). Feed my kitty and changed his liter. Walked to the train with my … Continue reading Week #1 Money Diary Challenge: I’m addicted to Trader Joe’s

Money Basics: Saving

There’s a toxic mentality circling around that if you don’t have a lot of disposable income you can’t save. However, that is the exact reason WHY you should save. From my experience I have learned that the lack of a healthy savings account can lead you to feel trapped in your current situation. It doesn’t feel good to be stuck and in a society in which our Government can be purchased for a price: money equates freedom. Freedom to choose a job and a fulfilling career path. Freedom to live in the apartment of your dreams or buy your first … Continue reading Money Basics: Saving