Hi loves! I wanted to write a quick note to check in and let you all know that I’m still alive during this whole COVID-19 fiasco.

I wanted to go home to Michigan to ride out the global pandemic but sadly that didn’t happen. I ended up signing a lease for April 1st and need to move out of my place by March 31st so it just didn’t make sense to fly home to Michigan just to fly right back a week or two later.

Anywho, so here I am. In NYC. Moving durning this utter madness. I wonder why God set my life up like this?

Fortunately, I have some girlfriends that offered to help me move so all is not lost! Also, does anyone know an affordable movers?


I’m rambling, but the point of this post is to let y’all know that I am alive and well. Plus I’ve started a 10-step skincare routine that I will be sharing soon! Stay safe my loves and until next time xoxo