Keep Evolving

Misery is an infectious disease. I once worked at a company in which everyone (quite literally everyone below C-suite) was miserable. No matter the department across the board we were all severely underpaid. There was a huge cognitive dissonance between mid-level management and upper management and it consistently left us chasing our tails. I complained every day. And my complaints quickly broke the ice between myself and other members within the company. I would get invited out for coffee, lunch, happy hour, you name it! I had an invite and I began to feel like some kind of office celebrity. … Continue reading Keep Evolving

Growing Pains

The phrase “Growing Pains” is typically reserved for children who limbs begin to ache as they grow. Today, I would like to use the phrase growing pains to refer to the emotional heartache that accompanies your early twenty-something years. In the words of Crazy Eyes, “navigating adult female relationships is SO complicated!” and I’m here to echo that sentiment.   Growing up a terribly insecure black girl attending a predominantly white school was filled with challenges. My innner Nigerian in me always wanted to excel at everything, so I put a lot of pressure on myself with my academics as … Continue reading Growing Pains