High Girl Gang! Welcome back to the blog it’s now time to close our June budgets. June was a month in which I felt all of the feelings. I swear I did nothing but eat, sleep, and sometimes workout. I got maybe half of the items on my to-do list done BUT I did find a video editor for my Youtube Channel, rebranded High Black Girl (are you feeling the roses?), and applied for the Glossier grant. So overall, June was good to me – despite the rampant racism and police brutality #blacklivesmatter.

Anyways, we’re here to talk about BUDGETS so if you need an income and expense tracker you can find a FREE ONE HERE. Let’s get on into it.

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June 2020 Expenses


Business Development

I added this new category to my budget as I spent a lot of money this month on growing the High Black Girl brand + my beauty business Georgia Woods Beauty. I am super excited to share that I purchase my LLC for the business with Legal Zoom.

head bitch in charge gifs | WiffleGif

The entire process from start to finish was quick – the step by step instructions were easy to follow and in case you had a question there was a 800-number and online chat readily available. I selected the most affordable option and ended up getting my documents sooner than expected! I highly recommend.


Of course I purchased some goodies for myself. I invested in some Powerbeats Pro so I can enjoy some wireless runs. I used a $50 Apple gift card I received from my Barclay Apple Rewards card and at the time of purchase the headphones were $50 off! God is good and I’m super happy with this splurge purchase.

Hawaii Anyone?

My mom has decided she wants to goto Hawaii this year for her birthday in September….soo….I bought a flight. Thank you travel sinking funds!


Even though I spent WAY more in June that I do in a typical month I am very proud of myself for the way I moved my money this month 🙂

June 2020 Savings


Slow and steady wins the race! I am on a regular salaried income (with the occasional bonus) so my savings rate is pretty much the same month after month.

Hustle GIFs | Tenor

Side Hustle? What’s that?

My side hustle income has completely dried up – no ones hiring a babysitter in these rona times! Plus I’m not even sure if I would be comfortable babysitting in other peoples homes right now any way. Moving forward – I’m going to brain storm some online side hustles that can help me get my money up!

Right now my savings goals are $10,000 in my #BadBitch savings account and $5,000 in my sinking funds. I’m nearly there on both fronts!

*drake back to back sigh* and a side hustle will get me there reaaaal quick 


June 2020 Investments


It’s been real Roth IRA

This is the last month my Roth IRA investment is going to look so phat. Moving into July I’m decreasing my investments from $400ish/month to about $100/month and sending the difference towards my student loan payments.

I made this decision for 2 main reasons!

1) I have $5,000 managed free with my Wealthfront account –sign up here and you can get $5,000 managed free too!– and I’m nearing the limit

2) I want to take advantage of paying as much down on my student loans as possible while we’re in this interest free period.


Always remember ladies…


Once you make a budget you can change it at any time for any reason. You don’t need to justify your reasons! Do whatever you think is best for you!

Welp, that’s it for me! I’ll see you guys in another blog post soon enough.

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