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Hi there girl gang! My apologies for the delay/absence – content is coming! I wanted to begin sharing some of the quick mini blog posts I typically reserved for instagram. BTW if you don’t follow me on the gram you should!

For July 2020 I’m going through some major shifts in terms of being more aware of how I spend my dollar in terms of pleasure, business, and investing! So without further ado, here are my 5 July 2020 goals!

July 2020 Goals

1. Increase Student Loan Payments

This is a doozy. Ever since I realized in 2017 that I actually have to pay back my student loans I have been dragging my feet on getting serious about paying down the balance.

My first avoid/delay tactic was my $7,000 in consumer credit card debt. It took me about 16 months to pay that off entirely. I finished paying that in early 2019.

My current avoid/delay tactic is focusing on building up my #BadBitch Emergency Fund. If you have no idea what an emergency fund is you need to read this ASAP. Building up my emergency fund is still VERY important to me. When I walked out of Refinery29 (yes – everything that’s coming out now is 100% true) I was jobless and it took me exact 1 year to land another full-time position that met my salary requirements.

For this reason I am dedicated to having $24,360 stashed in my #BadBitch account. I’m approximately  31% to my goal and I’m hitting it in 2020. I am not compromising!

So in order to increase my student loan payments I have decided to cut back on investing in my Roth IRA. Up until this month I was stashing away $414/month to my IRA. But now it’s go time on these student loans to take FULL ADVANTAGE of this interest free period until September 2020.

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.24.57 PM

2. 15 No Spend Days

I recently created a no spend tracker for instagram stories. Please feel free to use and share! I’ve been seeing these float around the debt free community and figured I would go ahead and jump in.

This is my first time tracking my no spend days and for me bills and debt payments do not count as spend days. To help me achieve this goal I’ve been creating a running list of things I want to buy in July and hoping to consolidate all my personal purchases to a few days this month.

I am hoping this makes me more aware of my spending and helps cut back on impulse purchases!


3. Blog More Consistently

I have been blogging so much more in 2020 and I am PROUD of myself. It’s important to celebrate the little wins gang! But I definitely want to continue to push myself further. At minimum I want to be posting one blog post a week.

How do I plan to increase my blogging? I’m glad you asked! This blog is actually apart of my overall strategy. I’ve realized that I create a lot of “mini blogs” on my instagram with crazy long captions about whatever I’m feeling that day. I figured, why not share the love here too?

One caveat is that I still want to maintain a diversity in images across both platforms (i.e. not having my blog look just like my IG feed and vice versa). It’s still a work in progress but definitely something I’m thinking about.

4. Read 2 Books

I have fallen off of reading ever since I purchased Elaine Welteroth’s memoir. It’s not her book –  I’m not a huge autobiography/memoir fan so I just couldn’t get over the hump of her childhood in the first couple of chapters. I plan to revisit this book in the future but now is just not the time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So to reignite my passion for reading we’re going back to the genre I love – realistic fiction! I picked up Kiley Reid’s Such A Fun Age a novel about a 25 year old Black woman babysitting for a elite white family until things go left 👀 Another genre I love is cultural analysis so I picked up the last book in bell hooks’ triology Communion: the female search for love an analysis on how the ideas of women and love were altered by the feminist movement, women entering the workforce, and by the prevailing “self-help” culture.

I write more about how purchasing these book from a Black owned bookstore was a IMG_4569radical act in my instagram post here. Which leads me to my fifth and final goal…

5. Being Intentional in All Purchases

If there’s one thing America understands its money. In fact, that is why it took so long for slavery to be abolished, and why it’s taking forever to reform the justice system in this country – America relies on free (slave) prison labor!

So for this month I want to be more intentional about all my purchases. Shifting more of my dollars into Black owned businesses and purchasing directly from them (not from retailers like Sephora or Amazon that takes a % of sales). I have my eye on a few beauty companies so stay tuned for updates!

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 7.43.09 PM

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