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Hi girl gang! Welcome back to the High Black Girl blog where we’re keeping it cute and securing the bag sis. In today’s post we’re going to walk through my April 2020 expenses! Have you closed your budget yet for April? If not, you can checkout this FREE budget and expense tracker here.

Now I’m not about to front this month was not the greatest for me in terms of my discretionary spending. There were sales at Bloomingdale’s and Sephora this month that really through my budget for a loop. Usually, I have a little more self control but with the Coronavirus going on I figured I deserved a bit of a treat.

April 2020 Expenses

This month it was pretty light in terms of expenses. I had moved into a new apartment in the beginning of the month so I had already paid my rent in March utilizing my tax refund and my sinking funds account. Which means no rent in April! This may have been why I went a little crazy on the shopping…but anyways here’s my breakdown for the month of April 2020:

CLOSED April Expenses

Credit Cards

That credit card bill is alarming! I had a lot of unexpected moving expenses that I’m sure I’m paying for but DAMN. Ideally, I would like to get all my credit card payments down to ~$1,000 a month and put that $600 towards my student loan payments.

Now don’t be alarmed! I’m not in credit card debt. Actually, it’s the contrary, I pay all my credit cards in full every month (even utilizing my sinking funds if need be!) without fail.


Retail Associates Through the Decades | Salesfloor Blog

Yes…no! Maybe? I’m not perfect. I definitely shop whenever I’m stressed and the coronavirus has been such a drag! I flew back to Michigan to wait it out and basically kissed my budding romance goodbye. Naturally, I bought myself a new Tory Burch purse, a total Clueless 2-piece tweed skirt suit among many others during the Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family sale to mourn the loss NYC as I know it.

Not to mention the Sephora Spring Sale also took place this month…How is a clean beauty blogger supposed to resists this very rare twice a year shopping event?

Overall, even with the splurge in Shopping I still managed to stay under my overall monthly budget thanks to 1) not paying rent this month 2) not going out to bars/restaurants 3) not paying my gym membership.

The stimulus check  had me feeling like a rich bitch! If you want to read about how I spent my Trump Check you can check out my Money Diary.

April 2020 Savings

CLOSED April Savings

*this does not include my pre-check 401(K) investments ~$400 for April 2020

I am SO PROUD with the way my April Savings came together. I have an aggressive goal to save $10,000 in my Emergency Savings account before July 2020. While I did not hit my monthly savings for that account – I did come close! In truth, I always make my monthly savings goal on the edge of impossible. It makes it feel that much sweeter when you hit them 😉 In addition to my stimulus check I also got a bonus from my day job so I’ll be able to save even more in May. God is good!

So are you ready to close your budget for April and set your budget for May? You can this FREE budget and expense tracker here. All you need to do is go over your bank statements, credit cards, and investment accounts and itemize all your expenses accordingly. For me it took about 30-45 minutes I had 40 itemized expenses and 22 itemized income lines. Feel free to DM me at @HighBlackGirl or leave a comment below if you have any questions! I’m here to help. Kisses!


HBG Blog End Card
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