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Hi loves! It’s me, Nnekaxoxo, the voice behind High Black girl. Before we jump in do you have any skincare questions? If so please feel free to leave a comment down below or slide into my DMs @HighBlackGirl. Without further ado, let’s hop right on into this review.

Does the brand Thayer’s really need an introduction? If you don’t know this product by name you definitely will recognize this product by sight. It’s a classic. This toner is a bargain product that retails for about $10.99 and is readily available at just about any drug store you can think of! You can find it on Amazon here for only $8!

Thayers Rose Toner
Thayer’s Rose Facial Toner

You won’t find this product at high end retailers such as Sephora, Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, etc. But who cares? Sometimes you just need a good affordable toner and Thayer’s is here for you. This is an all American brand started waaaay back in 1847 when Dr. Thayer opened a lab dedicated to developing a line of herbal extracts to be used in ‘modern’ medicine. After his passing his daughter took over the company and voila! A skincare is company is born. The best part? This Boston based company sources all of their witch hazel from a local family farm in Connecticut.  You can learn more about the company’s history here.

Thayer’s focuses on bringing natural remedies to solve skincare issues. Let’s see how natural this product is shall? Here’s a breakdown of the first 10 ingredients.

Thayer’s Rose Petal Facial Toner Ingredients

  1. Purified Water
    • A fantastic first ingredient!
  2. Glycerin
    • Another fantastic second ingredient! Glycerin is a humectant. Humectants are essential to locking in and retaining moisture. Combing purified water with glycerin ensures this facial toner has moisturizing properties.
    • I do want to clarify that this is not a vegetable glycerin which means that
  3. Certified Organic Witch Hazel Extract Blend (Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (Witch Hazel*)
    • Being that this is the star ingredient of this  product it is reassuring to see it as the third most potent ingredient this is product. The fact that it’s certified organic makes it even better 🙂
    • Witch Hazel has some many amazing properties which makes it the perfect ingredient for people with sensitive and acne prone skin. Please see below:
      • Relieves Inflammation
      • Reduces Skin Irritation
      • Helps Treat Hemorrhoids (TMI)
      • Fights Acne
      • Alleviates Scalp Sensitivity
      •  Soothes Sore Throat
      • Protects Against Skin Damage
      • Wards of Infection
    • Some dermatologist have recently advised not to tone with Witch Hazel because of tannis. Tannis is a natural astringent that removes dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin and can leave the skin dry if not followed with a moisturizer.
  4. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (Filet of Aloe Vera*)
    • Aloe Vera juice has amazing properties for the skin. It is VERY moisturizing in this natural form. In this toner this ingredient helps to moisturize the skin, reduce flakes, and help the skin appear more supple and smooth.
    • Aloe Vera Plant
      Aloe Vera is found in nature and is a fantastic ingredient especially for DIY skincare!
  5. Rose Centifolia (Rose) Flower Water
    • Rose water is an astringent! Astringents help to cleanse and tighten the pores which is a great ingredient to have if you have oily prone skin or suffer from acne.  On the other hand, if you have normal to dry skin this ingredient may be a little too drying for your skin
    • Rose water is also naturally rich in vitamins A, B, C, D and B3 and is naturally antibacterial in nature
  6. Natural Fragrance
    • Who knows? But at least it’s natural!
  7. Phenoxyethanol
    • This is a rose scented preservative. In all my research I have found that this is non-irritating to the skin and is OK for topical use.
  8. Caprylyl Glycol
    • This is an alcohol that can be naturally derived from plants, animal milk, palm and coconut oils. Thayer’s does not specify how they created this ingredient on their website. This alcohol is safe to use in skincare products.
  9. Ethylhexylglycerin
    • If you saw “glyerin” and thought this was a humectant…yay! We’re learning something here. This is actually a mild humectant, mild  surfactant, deodorizer, skin conditioner, and preservative.
    • This chemical is derived from glycerin hence the name
    • This has been given the OK for use in skincare but several sites I reference stated that this is an ingredient to avoid if possible
    • This ingredient has been found to be an irritant according to a Paris University Study
  10. Citric Acid
    • This is a great ingredient to have in any skincare product. Citric acid can treat acne, hyperpigmentation, clean your pores, and dissolve your wrinkles. Can someone say hallelujah?
    • Citric Acid in Skincare
      Citric Acid is naturally found in citrus fruits.
  11. Potassium Hydroxide
    • This is also know as “lye”. When I first heard of lye I was watching the episode of Pose where they bought shit tons of it to hide the smell of a dead man’s body. Turns out it has many other uses!
    • Lye in small amounts is used in cosmetics to help modify the pH levels of the product.
    • When using skincare products the ideal pH is 5.5 as that is the closest to the natural pH level of our skin.

*Denotes Certified Organic

Final Thoughts 

Whew, what a breakdown. There are a lot of really good ingredients here. While some estheticians do not recommend Witch Hazel I have to say as an oily girl Witch Hazel is definitely a holy grail ingredient.

At the end of the day getting all these yummy natural ingredients at an $8-11 affordable price tag? This is a NO BRAINER you better pick up some Thayer’s Witch Hazel. I highly recommend this for oily or acne prone skin girls. This toner will change your life while keeping your wallet intact.

In my daily use I found it oh so satisfying to see dirt in my cotton ball after applying the toner. I never felt any excessive dryness, but I always follow my toner with a hydrating essence. Right now I’m using ENature Birch Juice Hydro Essence Skin (which I got for $16 on SokoBeauty a total steal) and I am loving the combination.

Don’t have an essence? Or an extensive 10-step skincare routine? No problem!

Just make sure you moisturize after using this toner to protect you skin’s moisture barrier. Any questions? Leave a comment below or slide into my DMs @HighBlackGirl

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