Hi Guys! Every week I’m tracking how I spend my money. This is mainly to keep me grounded and ensure I don’t have too many impulsive shopping sprees. I hope this inspires you to take better care of your personal finances as well. Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions.



IMG_32836:00 AM – I lay awake in bed. I’m really struggling to get up this morning. I’m hoping to put some pep in my step by wearing a cute outfit. I struggled with depression in the past and this is exactly how it starts. 

I spend some time thinking about what I’m grateful for to pull myself out of it. 

9:00 AM – At work and I decided to have toast with bananas and peanut butter. I’m not sure exactly how healthy this is but I don’t really care. 

12:00 PM – Regular degular salad for lunch today! I eat with some of my coworkers in the cafeteria. 

6:00 PM – I’m still feeling pretty low but I’m happy to be heading home. I’m not sure what’s coming over me. Honestly, I have a crush on my friend S. and I haven’t heard from him lately – I guess it’s affecting my mood? 

7:00 PM – Home now and I bury myself in work to get my mind off it. I’m actually behind in my posting schedule so I edit some blog entries and my youtube video. I text my friend P. to see if we can set up some time for him to help me.

10:00 PM – After spending some time editing my Youtube videos I finally cut the lights and go to sleep. 



7:00 AM – Good morning! I’m feel a lot better this morning opposed to Monday morning. I decide to wear a cute tweed skirt suit to work because I want to dress more professional at work this year. I absolutely love this outfit and it was a Bloomingdale’s splurge from my (out of control) Christmas shopping spree in 2019.

9:15 AM – For breakfast today I have two slices of toast with bananas, peanut butter, and cinnamon. This is quickly turning into my preferred breakfast choices! It’s delicious. I come in to 50+ emails so I plug in and get to work.

12:00 PM – For lunch today I decide to switch it up and have a grilled cheese sandwich with avocado and tuna salad. It’s delicious!

5:30 PM – Run time! I hop on my treadmill and out in some work. I recently discovered Mile High Run Club and I’m in love.  I’m able to run 4 miles and burn 400 calories. I’m so proud of myself! 

7:00 PM – Home safely. I shower and get ready for bed. I’ve been thinking about my friend S. a lot lately. I’m hoping I can will him to text me first. It’s not working. I think it’s safe to say I have a crush on him.  

8:00 PM – Fuck it I text him first! We make plans to see each other tomorrow. I’m very excited. Butterflies all over the place. 

10:00 PM – After spending some more time working on my Youtube videos I pass out for the night. Sweet dreams!


6:00 AM – Good morning! I’m excited getting out of bed this morning because I’m posting my Youtube video from last week. Yay! 

9:00 AM – For breakfast this morning I decided to go savory. I have a cucumber and veggie cream cheese on toast and another slice of toast with spinach and egg salad. Yum! 

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.47.14 PM.png12:00 PM – It’s a lunch at my desk sort of day. I make myself a salad and have a side of pasta. It’s delicious! I listen to the Over It album on repeat while cranking out work. 

6:00 PM – Ok well I THOUGHT I was going to head to this Broadway Bodies Lizzo dance class. But as it turns out I have a Color Communications x Facebook event (I thought it was Thursday!) 

7:00 PM – This event is so fun! I made a new best friend and got some serious career advice from a woman who I hope to turn into my mentor. I make a mental note to send her a thank you/nice to meet you email tomorrow. 

9:15 PM – God is good and I’m happy I forgot about the event because S. ends up working super late. I take an Uber over to his S. apartment for a nightcap. I use my acorns app to ensure I get $0.50 cashback (invested) on this ride. $30 

11:45 PM – Ok so I have a huge crush on this guy! We basically spent the night smoking, laughing, and watching Hustle & Flow. He freshly washed his sheets so we spent time making the bed and getting into it which was SO satisfying. 

I honestly feel kinda bad because I was in my work clothes that I basically wore all day but oh well! We live and learn. Next time I’ll bring a change of clothes. 

The night ended with a hug and I called myself an Uber home. It’s SO REFRESHING when men aren’t just trying to get in your pants all the time. Sadly, I have locked myself out of my acorns app so no $0.50 cashback for this ride. Wah.  $30 

12:00 AM – Technically it’s Thursday lol. I shower, brush my teeth, and do my nighttime skincare routine. Good night! 



7:05 AM – Good morning world! I’m still giggly and happy from last night. I’m a child. Also, I want to take this moment to appreciate that I now just naturally wake up in time for work. God is good! 

9:00 AM – At work and I decide to have a savory breakfast this morning. I make 2 slices of toast one with egg salad and spinach and the other with onion cream cheese and cucumber. Yum! 

B94CAEDB-F1B4-4211-9338-8E272F82D820.JPG12:00 PM – Yoga time! I head over to Y7 and get my sweat on. I’ve become such a fan of this studio. I love it here!

 I forget my water bottle and in an effort to be money conscious I opt out of buying the overpriced Y7 water. I think about getting a mini swell for my gym bag. Also about getting an actual gym bag. Hm. Decisions decisions. 

2:00 PM – Back at work and I have soup and a sandwich for a late lunch. It’s delicious! 

6:00 PM – My usual train is delayed so I walk to 14th street and hop on the L. It’s chilly out but a nice night. I enjoy the walk. 

7:00 PM – Home! I make ramen noodles for dinner (forgive me! I forgot to grocery shop this week). It’s ok. I spend most of my time catching up on my creative projects for the week. 

10:30 PM – I’m in the final chapters of my book! I’m exhausted so it’s lights out for me. I decide I’ll finish it tomorrow morning before work. Good night! 



7:00 AM – Good morning! I woke up in time for work without an alarm again! Woo! I want to dress bummy today but I’m really trying to dress more professionally in the new year. I put on my pink velvet skirt, cream sweater, and chunky gym shoes. I think this is a cute look if I say so myself! 

IMG_3338.jpg9:00 AM – At work and I opt for a simple breakfast today. I have toast with butter and a bowl of fruit. Yummy! 

12:00 PM – For lunch today we have Cuban food. It’s delicious. I have some rice and beans, grilled mushrooms, and tofu. Oh so good! Wow I feel like all I write about is food, ha. 

4:45 PM – I am SO ready for the weekend! I head out of work early and hop on my bike at Soulcycle. I’m ready to sweat the stress away. 

6:00 PM – After Soulcycle I head over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some items for a quick dinner tonight to ensure I don’t waste $$$ ordering out. I pick up bread, 2x kombuchas, chocolate-covered frozen banana slices, and two bananas. $20 

8:00 PM – After a quick shower, I make a protein burger for dinner. It’s delicious. I then brush my teeth, wash my face, and crawl into bed. Good night! 



8:00 AM – Good morning! I have no solid plans today so I take my time getting ready. I brush my teeth, wash my face, feed my kitty and make eggs and toast for breakfast. Yum! 

11:00 AM – Finally managed to put some clothes on lol. I head to Sephora to pick up the new Fenty Beauty mascara. I’m planning on shooting a review video on this product this week! I also pick up a beauty blender. $47 

12:15 PM – On the way home I stop by one of the street vendors and pick up a cute new ring. I’ve been eyeing this ring for a while so I’m happy to treat myself! $15

1:00 PM – Home now and I make clam chowder for lunch. I later snack on some popcorn while bingeing Modern Love on Amazon Prime. I cry like a baby. 

5:00 PM – The sun has officially set. Winter is weird. Bloomingdale’s is having a big sale so I buy a new comforter set, a mini 9 oz Swell water bottle, and pillows. I’ve been eyeing this comforter for over a year, so I deserve it! $250 

8:00 PM – My roommate is going out to the House of Yes tonight. I’m not so adventurous and have no plans so I’m in for the night. I start watching American Horror Story and getting some writing done for the evening.

10:00 PM – So sleepy. It’s bed time for me. Good night!



8:00 AM – Good morning! For breakfast today I make a protein shake in anticipation of a workout I have later today. I’m planning on having a very productive day and getting some laundry done.

12:00 PM – Ok so somehow laundry has been the most productive part of my morning and I haven’t even folded anything yet! I spend the morning watching Youtube videos.

12:30 PM – Watching Youtube videos always inspires me to make Youtube videos. I quickly record my “What Is a 401(K)?” video. Feel feel to check it out on my channel!

1:00 PM – I get dressed in a cute yoga outfit and head out the door. The plan is to meet up with my friend T. get our nails done, and goto a Y7 yoga class. I beat her to Williamsburg and spend some time browsing through my favorite local bookstore and vintage spot (only in NYC is the vintage just as expensive as new clothes!).

49DDA8D0-54FE-4956-BAE5-80C50DAB31FA.JPG2:00 PM – Sadly the nail salon is completely booked! T. and I wonder around Williamsburg and decide to get lunch at By Chole. I think I have a new favorite spot! It’s plant based and super filling! The best of both worlds. I get the breakfast burrito and she gets the avocado toast. We order a side of fries to share and cold press beet juices to wash it all down. T. treats!

I love our catch up moments! I tell T. about the new guy friend S. I literally just starting seeing yesterday (baby fresh) and she shares her and one of our mutual friends are FINALLY dating! Thank God! I swear this man has had a crush on her since 2013. I’m so happy for her and while I don’t say anything, I’m already planning my outfit for the wedding 😉

We end up canceling our Y7 class – who’s trying to downward dog with a full belly?

5:00 PM – Home and gotta keep that productivity going. I put in another load of laundry and make my bed with my freshly washed comforter. While making my bed I notice so many stains: Indian food, red wine, unidentifiable stains, etc. I’m very happy with my decision to get that new comforter.

8:00 PM – I end up snacking on granola while editing my videos. Funny enough my video production friend P. end up texting me to see if I need help with editing! I do. I really really do but I also want to see him. We make plans for dinner and tentatively an editing 101 workshop for Tuesday. I love my friends. I feel so blessed!

10:00 PM – I’m a baby and I’m so sleepy. I put on Money Heist (a show on Netflix my sister has been raving about) and goto sleep half way through the first episode. Good night!


Weekly Total $392 

Well this week wasn’t so bad! The only financial decision I regret is taking an Uber both ways to my friend S’s apartment. To think I could have simply saved $30 and just taken a cab back home! We live and we learn which seems to be the motto for this week.

The next time I go over to his place I definitely want to commit to taking the MTA at least one way. To be truthful, I was really excited to see him which lead to the financial splurge and Uber irresponsibility!

Overall, I can honestly say I stand by each decision I made this week. So it was a very good money week for me. What about you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!




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