Hi fam! My apologies for this week’s weekly spend going up so late. Being a content creator is hard and I’m still learning. This week I treat my sister to dinner and spend my weekend doin


g my favorite thing – budgeting! Keep reading to find out how much money I spent this week living in NYC 🙂


8:00 AM – Good morning and

 Happy MLK Jr. Day! I am so proud to be black. I’m happy this is one of the days everyone pauses and recognizes the work of activists and the depths of our history. 

Anywho, end up having a 45-minute phone call with my mom while eating dairy free yogurt, raspberries, and granola for breakfast. 

12:00 PM – I decide I want to take my video up a notch and pick up 7 of Rihanna’s snap shadows to complete the collection. My next Youtube video will be a review of all 8 shadows! I also return a pair of jeans to Levi’s ($40) $174

1:30 PM – I feel like treating myself so I pop into the Apple store to upgrade my phone. Sadly, through some weird loophole, my iPhone Forever program is null in void? The devil works hard but God works harder! I’m claiming my iPhone Pro 11 MAX.

2:30 PM – I come home and make lunch. I decide to have an open face protein burger. It’s delicious. I’m so proud of how far I’ve come in the kitchen. There was definitely a point in time I couldn’t make rice. 5D527566-6B3F-4030-A61E-75259962DEAD.JPG

4:00 PM – I head to my local coffee shop – I don’t have any videos to edit, but I have a blog to post and I want to make some updates to my websites! I have a peppermint bark lattee. $8 

5:00 PM – Designing my Youtube cover and I MUST have this little black cat icon that Canva charges for. Thankfully all proceeds are being donated to the Australian bush fires so it makes me feel better about the purchase. $1 

6:00 PM – I decide to move my website from Blogger to Squarespace. I’m excited to design this! 2020 Vision for $20 

9:00 PM – Home and I clean the bathroom. My roomies and I have a quick meeting about getting a maid to come in for a deep clean. I’m so excited about this! 

12:00 PM – It’s late I should sleep! 




6:45 AM – Good morning! I’m a little tired this morning. Definitely stayed up a little too late last night. In order to put some pep in my step, I take a quick shower and put on a cute outfit! 

9:00 AM – At work! For breakfast today I try something new and make a slice of toast with cucumber and veggie cream cheese. It’s actually very delicious! I have a side of berries and another slice of toast with peanut butter and banana. 

I also have a “cold brew.” Which by my preferences is a cup filled 75% with soy milk and 25% cold brew. 🙂 

12:00 PM – Lunchtime! I have a small salad and have some quality time with my fellow people of color at lunch. I love having this little community. 

5:30 PM – It’s not looking like I’m going to be making my 6:30 PM Soulcycle class. 

6:30 PM – Sadly I didn’t make it to class. I think about going to the gym but ultimately decide to shower, eat dinner, and relax. I should properly fold my laundry but we’re not going address it lol. 

10:30 PM – After the EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER that is This Is Us I’m going to bed. I don’t think I can handle another Kevin/Sophie rotation around the love sun. Move on! Please! Also so sad about Randall. I honestly pray he reconsiders therapy! 

Honestly, still can’t decide if I want Randall to be my Dad or my Husband 🤔 



6:45 AM – Awake! My kitty is so smart he knows I’m up once I turn off my alarm. He rushes in and jumps on my bed and we spend some time cuddling. 7F524AC7-5A72-437B-BC26-D81AD817420B

7:50 AM – I’m sharing my style goals on my Instagram this week and I’m seriously obsessed with non-basic basics. I have a few DIY projects in mind inspired by my basic black tee that has a non-basic black feather trim for some flare. Loving this outfit! 

9:00 AM – hmm, no wheat bread today so I have an English muffin one half with egg salad and spinach and the other half with strawberry jelly. It’s delicious.

Also English muffins are half the size of regular bread and I’m quite full? I need to reconsider my portion sizes lol 

12:00 PM – Lunch at my desk. Not because I’m busy but honestly because I want some alone time. I end up chatting with a few of my seat mates and I realize I really do enjoy their company and I feel so blessed to work here. Amen amen! 

6:00 PM – Me and my seat mates have been CRACKING UP for the past 30 minutes! Ok scratch like I LOVE these people. Again, feeling so blessed but atlas it’s time to leave. 

7:30 PM – Ok my commute was crazy. I waited 30 mins for the M train and then when I FINALLY got to my stop on the train I dropped my phone and couldn’t find it anywhere. I didn’t want to leave my phone so I stayed on the train and missed my stop. Turns out my phone did fall…into my purse 🤦🏾‍♀️ …I’m going to the gym. 

8:30 PM – Quick shower and then I call my Granny while I making dinner (still eating the salmon I meal prepped last week!). She wants some new puzzles 5,000+. I find a random specialty website that sells them for $50-75 which I great! I’ll honestly just buy them for her but I’m waiting for her to confirm which one(s) she likes. 

10:30 PM – I’m exhausted! But sadly, I haven’t read my book all week so I read a few chapters before bed. Goodnight! 



6:30 AM – Good morning. Honestly, I’m writing this the next day and can’t remember the minute details i.e. what I ate for breakfast or what I wore. Sorry! I know it was free though. I always eat the free food at the office lol. 

6:00 PM – Peace out office! But hello mandatory fun! I head to a work-sponsored happy hour to introduce myself to some of my teammates that are in town for the week. 

8:00 PM – Ok now time for non-mandatory fun with the coworkers now. I head over to our local bar to celebrate my co-workers birthday. I have 2 Moscow Mules. They’re $15 each. I hate New York. I love New York. Ugh. $30 

10:30 PM – Time to head home! Thank goodness for my work friend M. who convinces me to take the train home. 

2:00 AM – Why did I stay up until 2 watching the Cheer documentary on Netflix? Don’t look at me. Good night! 



7:30 AM – Ok so today may be a little rough. I take a shower and start getting ready at an obnoxiously slow pace. 

9:45 AM – I’ve made it to work by the grace of God and that alone. 

12:00 PM – Lunch today at work is so delicious! I take home salmon, mash potatoes, and broccoli to eat over the weekend. It’s that good! 

62CA43EA-EA4F-4060-8328-FF5A36F1370C.JPG5:00 PM – I am feeling very overwhelmed because I need to wash my hair and I have a soul cycle class tonight. I end up canceling my 6 PM class because the office is empty and I want to go home. 

6:00 PM – I hop in the shower and it feels so good! I wash my hair and put in some deep conditioner. I chat with my sister for a bit before hiding over to her place. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 9.12.48 PM9:00 PM – I treat my sister to dinner – her belated birthday gift! And I cashapp her some money for her housewarming (her house warming was in November and I have failed to get her something from her registry for 2 months now.) This is guilty family commitment spending lol. $94 

10:30 PM – Home safe! I watch the last 30 minutes of the Cheer documentary then quickly fall asleep. 



5:30 AM – Good morning! I’m up early so I can rinse out my deep conditioner and blowdry my hair for my appointment! 

9:00 AM – In the chair ready to get my hair braided. The stylist works at this cute Senegalese shop on 125th and Malcom X 

12:00 PM – Someone comes in the shop selling French bread. This is adorable. 

1:00 PM – Finished! My hair is so cute. I’m loving the length on me. The braids are a weeeeee bit tight but I want to give it a day or two to see how it feels. I counted this expense in last week’s expenses so not going to double count it. For transparency, it’s $195 including tip.

1022F263-6C1B-469C-AC1E-B24976A66734.JPG2:00 PM – I meet my friend H. at a black-owned coffee shop in Harlem. It’s called NBHD Brulee. You should check it out!  We catch up about life. She brings up the fact that it’s raining in January in NYC. I’m sh00k. Climate change is unreal!                   

4:00 PM – Home and I have a late lunch and lounge around and watch TV. I end taking some Tylenol as I have a headache from my braids. I end up taking a few out lol. 

6:00 PM – I start working on some projects from bed and catching up on some overdue writing for the week (i.e. this blog).     

7:00 PM – I decided why not go all out and get my nails done too? I head to the salon and get a mani pedi. #Treatyourself $30 

8:30 PM – On the way home I pick up my dry cleaning. $16 

11:30 PM – I spend the rest of the night making my budget for 2020! And rewatching #AHS. It’s a wild Saturday night lol. Good night! 



8:00 AM – Good morning! It’s time to film some videos so I hop out of bed and into the shower. I start cleaning up and preparing to shoot my Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows review. You can check out the video on Youtube here – make sure you subscribe 🙂 

11:00 AM – Now that I’m done filming I make a quick breakfast of yogurt, raspberries, and granola. It’s delicious! 

12:00 PM – At Sephora to drop off the Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows that I’m not keeping. There’s a buy one get one 30% skincare sale and I’m SO tempting to pick up fullsizes of my favorite Drunk Elephant products but I resist the urge. So proud of myself! ($125) 

1:30 PM – I head over to my local cafe to start working on my creative endeavors (this blog, my Youtube Channel, and a few other top-secret projects!) I get a coffee and a croissant to snack on while I work. $8 

2:00 PM – I have somehow convinced myself that I need these Final Cut Pro X plugins in order to produce higher quality videos. $30 

5:00 PM – So I have no idea how to use these plugins that I just bought. Please help! I text my friend P. (a film maker) he helps me out via text until…my laptop dies…oh well I guess it’s time for a break. 

6:00 PM – Home and I make myself dinner and facetime my bestfriend F. It’s always so nice catching up with him. I try to get some work done after but I end up just taking a shower and getting ready for bed. 

11:30 PM – I plan all my fitness classes for next week since this week I failed to plan…and failed to workout. You know the saying. I curl up in bed and knock out. I don’t want it to be Monday tomorrow but I oh well. 


Weekly Total $411 – Not too bad! 

Overall, this is a little more than I would like to spend on a weekly basis moving forward. However, I think it’s pretty good considering that I treated my sister to dinner and sent her a $$$ for her housewarming! Also, in complete transparency I returned the 5 snap shadows lol – the life of a creator! Anyway, let me know if you have a budget yet for 2020! What are your financial goals?

Chat soon xoxo

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