Hi guys! Each week I break down my weekly expenses in an effort to keep track of exactly where my money goes. If this is something you’d be interested in getting directly to your inbox make sure you follow my blog. Otherwise, enjoy! 

OOTD Monday
This is my outfit of the day for Money this week! Coat by Ralph Lauren, Skirt by Aqua (Bloomingdale’s collection), Turtleneck stolen from my mom’s closet

Monday 1/13/2020 

6:30 AM – Good morning! Getting out of bed is extremely hard this morning but I manage! I decide to wear a super cute outfit to put some pep in my step. 

9:20 AM – In the office and for breakfast I decide to have two slices of toast – one with egg salad and spinach and another with strawberry jelly. Yum! 

12:00 PM – We have a huge department meeting during lunch. At least the leadership in my company is funny! They crack some jokes which helps us forget we’re all starving. 

4:00 PM – I pop out of work to return some EOS shaving cream I bought from Target over the weekend. Cha-ching! ($4.02) 

6:00 PM – The route I usually take home is experiencing some delays. I decide to take a detour and stop at Wholefoods (which I jokingly like to call WholePaycheck) in Williamsburg on the way home. I get 2 kombuchas, 2 waterloos, 4 bananas, broccoli, 1 potato, eggs, kosher cheese (because some how it’s more affordable than the regular cheese? Bless up), granola, and 1 dairy-free yogurt. $27 

8:00 PM – For dinner, I make salmon (purchased from a previous shopping trip – took it out of the freezer this morning to thaw), broccoli, and the potato. Simple and delicious! 

9:00 PM – I spend hours working on some creative projects, organizing my schedule, and planning workouts for the week.  Finally around 11:45 PM I wash my face and get ready for bed. I’m exhausted! Good night! 


Tuesday 1/14/2020

6:00 AM – Good morning! I gave serious thought to going to the gym this morning or after work but ultimately decide to take my time getting ready instead. 

8:45 AM – I adore getting to work early and taking my time making breakfast and preparing for the day. Today, I’m in the right place at the right time because T. made way too much of her breakfast smoothie and I get a glass. Yum! 

12:00 PM – Lunchtime! I have a salad and eat upstairs in the Fun Room – yes we have a Fun Room at work. Did I mention I love it here?

6:00 PM – Home and I thought I had a Genius Bar appointment but it turns out it’s for tomorrow. I text my sister to give her a heads up because I’m taking her out to dinner tomorrow for her birthday. 

9:00 PM – I usually don’t watch TV on weekdays but This Is Us is FINALLY back! I’m so excited. I love how this showcases a lineage in a way that hasn’t been done before. 

10:00 PM – I late-night window shop at Sephora.com. My skin has really been breaking out. I hope this passes soon. 


Wednesday 1/15/2019 

6:45 AM – Payday! Woohoo! I check my account balance versus my credit card and balance and my heart sinks a little bit. Definitely going to have to dip into my savings to cover this bill! Thanking God that I have the money to pay it in full this month.

9:15 AM – At work and I have avocado toast for breakfast. It’s so yummy! I have a work trip coming up and me and my coworkers are making a trip out of it. I owe K. for my share of the Airbnb so I cash app her. $228 

12:00 PM – I pop out of work and into [Solidcore] during my lunch break. I adore this instructor. It’s my first time having him and he gave a lot of hands-on adjustments which I definitely appreciated. I sweat a lot more than usual.

Solidcore Chelsea
Grabbed a picture of the [solidcore] chelsea sign!
1:00 PM – Back at work and into the shower. Did I mention I love my job? Yes, we have showers in the office. I poke around the kitchen after and make myself a sandwich

5:30 PM – Time to dip! My sister has a project due tonight so she can no longer meet up for dinner. I’m a little bummed but wish her luck in her project and it ends up working out because I would rather treat her once I have a better handle on my finances. 

7:15 PM – I head into the Apple Store for an appointment. God is good and they are able to fix my keyboard for FREE! The Genius lets me know I have until 2022 on my warranty so I should feel free to come back any time. I got this laptop so long ago I’m feeling so blessed! 

7:45 PM – Sephora is right next door and I have a gift card so….I end up buying the TOO FACED Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer and the FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette number 8. I used my $25 gift card and pay the remaining balance. $28

Sidenote: I just realized I’m missing out on eBates/Rakuten cashback. I seriously may just return both items and buy them again online…I’m leaving $1.12 on the table and money is money!

8:15 PM – I take out my hair, nail, and pocket money from the ATM. I’m getting my hair braided next weekend and self-care is expensive!  $220 

8:30 PM – I head to my nail salon but the ladies are closing up shop early. Sad. I’ll come back tomorrow. I head home and have broccoli, potatoes, and a frozen “chicken” patty for dinner. Honestly, the “chicken” is freezer burned and tastes…not so good. I pray over the meal and Thank God anyways. 

9:30 PM – I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but my face is breaking out like crazy (that’s a joke I know I can’t shut up about it please laugh lol. I google some at-home remedies and decide I ultimately need to lay off the processed sugars. 


Thursday 1/16/2020

6:45 AM – Good morning! I’m starving this morning so I have a banana before hopping in the shower. I’m running a wee bit late this morning and ultimately land on a cozy cute outfit. 

9:30 AM – At work and land on granola, berries, and soy milk for breakfast. Yum! 

12:00 PM – I eat lunch downstairs with my coworkers for the first time this week lol. S shares that M is organizing tours in Israel during our work trip. 

M adds us to a group chat and it ends up being 11 of us total for the tour and $175 for both days (not including the ATV rental). I’m so excited. I make a mental note to set aside the money for trip over the next few weeks. 

6:00 PM – Home and dreading paying my AMEX credit card bill. Ugh! It’s the only credit card I use so I’m not including the total here (don’t want to count spend twice!) 

7:00 PM – As a pick me up I get a mani. Best money I’ve spent all week! $10 

9:00 PM – Quick gym session followed by a nice shower and protein shake. Yum! BD61AABA-A951-4694-B5F0-301690706247

12:00 PM – I dislike working out so late because it gives me waaaaay too much energy at night. Somehow I fall asleep


Friday 1/17/2020

6:45 AM – Good morning! I never know what to wear on Fridays. I land on 

9:20 AM – At work and two slices of toast one with peanut butter and banana and the other with raspberry jelly and banana. Delicious! 

12:00 PM – Lunch time! Today it’s catered Turkish food. The rice and green beans are SOO GOOD! 

5:30 PM – Some of my colleagues and I attend a Beyoncé v. Drake SoulCycle class. I biked 10 miles in 50 minutes 💪🏾 next time I want to push to see if I can get to 12! I walk w K. back to the train and head home for the night. 

7:00 PM – I’m home and have no idea what I’m going to eat for dinner tonight. I’m trying to be more financially responsible so Grubhub is off the table. I end up just having a protein shake and washing my hair.

9:00 PM – deep conditioners are so great until you have to rinse them out! I don’t feel like hopping in the shower so I rinse it out using cold water in the sink. 

2:00 AM – Somehow I’m up until 2 watching the CHEER documentary??? Good night! 

Saturday 1/18/2020

9:00 AM – Good morning! I brush my teeth, moisturize my face and start my day. The first thing on today’s agenda is breakfast! I make scrambled eggs with cheese and spinach and two slices of toast. Yum! 

11:00 AM – Ok now it’s time to trim my ends. I’m pretty nervous because I usually goto a professional to get my ends trimmed but because this new hair lady doesn’t trim ends, I figure it’s time I learned! 

2:00 PM – I would say my trim was a success! My hair feels so healthy now. I leave it in twists and put on a beanie to go run some errands. 

3:00 PM – I’m looking for a very specific Beyonce ombre inspired braiding hair but don’t end up seeing any. Will definitely have to order on Amazon this week. 

I stop at Marshall’s and grab some towels because I recently gave one to my cat because I lost the liner in his travel carrier. I pick up 2. $18 

4:00 PM – Pop into Trader Joe’s and get this week’s groceries: bananas, raspberries, avocados, 2x frozen Indian dinners, 2x protein veggie burgers, seaweed snacks, eucalyptus plant (for the bathroom vase), and a potato. $51

5:00 PM – Home and STARVING! I make one of the Indian dinners after putting away my groceries. I also browse online and buy a Kate Spade phone case (I get 10% cashback with Rakuten) and some essentials from Amazon – just mouthwash and a bonnet. $62 

6:30 PM – After dinner, I realized I forgot to purchase the hair I need for my hair appointment next week. I browse Amazon but I don’t pull the trigger just yet. 

7:00 PM – I clean up my external hard drive which I swear has been on my to-do list since 2015. I’m feeling super accomplish! After I send in my headshots and photos to a modeling agency in NYC. 


Sunday 1/19/2020

8:00 AM – Good morning! I’m up and in the shower right away. I then opt for granola, raspberries, and soy milk for breakfast. 

9:00 AM – Ok time to start recording my Youtube video for the week. I get all dolled up (I’m definitely wearing a hoodie and jeans lol) and start recording in front of my window. 

12:00 PM – Done filming for now! I want to head over to a coffee shop so I finish up some last minute chores before I head out. Mainly marinating some salmon and taking out the recycling. 

2:00 PM – At the coffee shop and I set up shop on a large shared table. I order a peppermint bark latte and a butter croissant. $10

4:30 PM – Ok so I’ve finished as much of my video as possible but I need to film an outro so I pack up and head home. 

6:30 PM – I finish my youtube video and post it – you should check it out! I’m so proud of myself and totally wiped but I pull it together to make it out the door. 

6:45 PM – God is real. The B62 bus is on TIME! There AND BACK! I wait less than 5 minutes for the train each way. My class was so relaxing. I feel strong, limber, and ready to take on anything! I pay for an unlimited metrocard monthly and an unlimited Gympass member which allows me to goto boutique fitness classes. 

9:00 PM – My video isn’t performing too well so I go on a Googling binge and start brushing up on my SEO. I also start Succession to start playing the background. I’ve heard so many great things about this show! 

12:00 AM – Eh, I should probably go to sleep. Good night! 



The Airbnb purchase this week really knocked my budget for a whirl wind this week. I typically stay around $250 – 350 spend each week in order to align with my budgeting goals. Speaking of budgeting goals haven’t gotta a chance to create some for 2020 just yet! I definitely think a savings account for vacations would be a nice addition to have. I have two more international trips planned for this year and it would be great to have $$$ ahead of time. 

Do you guys have any money goals for 2020 you would like to share? I’m all ears! 

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