Monday 1/6/2020

6:00 AM – Good morning! I’m up right when my alarm goes off because I need to straighten my hair before I head into work. I’m looking forward to going into the office for the first time in 2020 (and the first time and about 2 weeks – hehe)

8:30 AM – In the office and sad I don’t have a kombucha (I usually treat myself to one on Mondays, Fridays, and sometimes Wednesdays!) 

Normally, I would run to the corner CVS and buy one but I’m trying this “No Money Mondays (and Tuesdays and Wednesdays)” in order to curb my spending and get my budget back under control. 

So it’s diary-free yogurt, granola, and fresh raspberries for me for breakfast today – shout out to my company for feeding me! 

12:00 PM – Lunchtime! I head down to the salad bar and make my regular salad of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, cilantro, croutons, and shrimps! Topped off with cilantro dressing. Free lunch is the best perk.

5:30 PM – Goodbye 9-5! I head over to Levi’s in Williamsburg to return some jeans I got on sale. I ordered 4 sizes and kept the ones that fit the best. ($60 CHA-CHING!) 

7:00 PM – Home for the night. I empty the dishwasher, call my sister to wish her a happy belated birthday, and do some new year cleaning. I’m so excited to see what 2020 has in store! 

9:00 PM – I just started reading Severance by Ling Ma I get through the first chapter and K-O for the night. 


Tuesday 1/7/2020

6:20 AM – Good morning! I was planning on going to the gym this morning but given the time I decide to just start getting ready for work instead.

8:50 AM – In the office and glued to my desk because I have so much work and so many meetings. I can already tell today is going to fly by! I have granola with fruit and soy milk for breakfast – yum! 

12:00 PM – I have my old reliable salad with a La Croix and eat lunch at my desk. So much work, so little time! 

5:45 PM – Goodbye office! Hello GYM! My one true love. I have a quick work out session consisting of 20 minutes of stair master and 20 minutes of ab work. I have a crush on one of the personal trainers and he says “Hi” to me today. *internally screams with glee* 

8:30 PM – Home, showered, face mask (adult acne SUCKS!) and eating this curry dish I made from my Oprah cookbook for dinner. I usually make one meal on Sundays and then eat it for the entire week #adulting #ftw

When I’m done, I crawl in bed and work on my vision board for 2020. Good night! 


Wednesday 1/8/2020

6:00 AM – Good morning! I decide to do a half up half down with two ponytails and two braids and curl my hair this morning. It looks super cute! After some kitty cuddles I’m out the door. 

8:50 AM – In the office and decide it’ll be the same breakfast for me today. I grab some granola, fruit, and soy milk – yum!

12:00 PM – Another lunch at my desk sort of day. It’s been crazy busy since my team is down a member. I hope we find someone to fill his spot soon! 

5:45 PM – Goodbye office! Hello [Solidcore]! Abs are my weakness so I love taking pilates classes to focus on my major insecurity. My instructor knows my name but I don’t know hers! I guess that means I’m a regular now 🙂 

Sidenote: I looked it up after class and her name is Sarah! She’s one of my favorite instructors if you’re into pilates I highly recommend. She’s at the Williamsburg location. 

9:00 PM – After [Solidcore] I run into Wholefoods only to learn they sold out of soy milk. Sad. But it turns out to be a blessing in disguise as the bus is right outside when I leave – SCORE! I also realize I don’t have my wallet on me (it’s still in my work bag) and the bus driver lets me ride for free. Double score! 

9:15 PM – Ok so technically KeyFoods is closed but I need soy milk. The workers are so nice and let me run in and buy some. God just keeps blessing me! And he’s not done yet – the gallon soy milk rings up for $3 – it’s usually $6! It’s my lucky day. I take a moment and seriously consider playing the lottery… 

 Once I get home I take a quick shower and make a protein shake with vanilla protein powder, bananas (that I got from work hehe), and raspberries for dinner. Delicious! $3 

10:00 PM – Late night for me! I crawl into bed and continue working on my vision board. Eventually, I get tired and start reading Severance. Good night! 


Thursday 1/9/2020

6:20 AM – Good morning! I’m exhausted from [Solidcore] last night. I lay in bed and play on my phone until 6:45 AM. Once I gather the strength to leave my bed I pick one of my goto outfits – white sweater gifted by my brother last Christmas 2018, Levi’s dark wash jeans, and my favorite sparkly UGGS. In lieu of ponytails, I opt for buns instead 🙂 

8:50 AM – In the office and STARVING from my intense workout and lack of solid food last night. I have two slices of toast 1) savory with eggsalad, pepper, and Frank’s Red Hot and 2) sweet with peanut butter, banana, and cinnamon. Yum! 

12:30 PM – It’s another lunch at my desk sort of day. So BUSY! I make myself a quick wrap (which is essentially just my usual salad plus beans lol) and grab some chips and a orange to go with it. 

6:30 PM – My roommate texts me to see if I want to go to the gym! Um, YES PLEASE! We head to Zumba together and it is so much fun! 

8:00 PM – Once I get home I shower and make some rice to go with….you guessed it! My curry leftovers. I’m still so impressed that I made this. Go me! 

9:45 PM – I hope in bed and respond to some texts from the past couple of days. When I was a teenager/in college I loathed the people who would take hours and even days to respond. Today, I am now that person. Full circle moment. 


Friday 1/10/2020

6:00 AM – Good morning! It’s Friday and I’m ready for a nice chill day. I put on some ripped jeans and a company logo black t-shirt. I head out the door as soon as I’m ready.

8:00 AM – At my doctor’s office for a check-up. I was feeling pretty sick before the holidays so it’s nice to be able to come in just to confirm I have a good bill of health now. 

9:00 AM – in the office and I make avocado toast for breakfast! So yummy! I also find one of my old kombuchas in the fridge and it’s my first kombucha if the year so grateful 

12:00 PM – it’s Friday and I’m not eating lunch at my desk today. We have catered lunch on Fridays and today’s lunch is so yummy. 

5:00 PM – SOULCYCLE HOMECOMING EDITION starting 2020 off right.

6:00 PM – After Soulcycle I head over to Target and pick up colored pencils, dry erase markers, tape, shaving cream, and Summer’s Eve vagina deodorant. ($25) I head down stairs to Trader Joe’s and I pickup two new plants and some kleenex ($10)  $35 

8:00 PM – Once I’m home the shopping continues! Smh, this is why I don’t start because I can never stop! I select shaving cream – this one is lavender scented and my favorite! I fully intend on returning the vanilla one I purchased from Target, 10 belly button rings for $13 a true bargain, and lastly a Swell water bottle. The total comes to $55 and I use an Amazon gift card to pay so I spend $0 🙂 

10:00 PM – I spend waaaaay too much time watching Netflix. I fall asleep around 1:00 AM lol. Good night! 


Saturday 1/11/2019 

8:00 AM – Good morning! I’m up early to film some youtube videos for next week! I do my hair and some light cleaning and it’s ready, set, ACTION! 

10:00 AM – I wrap up filming and start editing in bed. Big mistake! At some point, I fall asleep. 

1:00 PM – Good morning – again! I browse Amazon for some camera equipment. I realized I lost my camera battery charger so I order two more batteries and a charger. Investing in Youtube is really investing in my brand so I don’t mind these purchases and I categorize them as a business expense. $20 

5:00 PM – After binging reality TV and youtube videos I’m not the hugest fan of the way my video turns out. I tell myself I’ll re-shoot tomorrow and actually wear makeup this time and not film in my pjs lol. 

8:00 PM – Harlem is calling and I’m not answering lol. I had plans to go out tonight with some of my girl friends but we’re all collectively not feeling it. I facetime my friend for a bit and that’s truly all the social energy I have in me for the day.

2:00 AM – Why am I up hate watching this show? Lol, good night! 


Sunday 1/12/2019 

9:00 AM – Good morning! Filming for youtube again today. I quickly get ready, do my hair, AND make up this time and it’s showtime!

11:00 AM – My roomie made pancakes! They’re not good but I don’t have the heart to tell her that so I smile and swallow them whole. 

12:00 PM – My goto coffee shop The Bean is out of business. It’s all good though, that just means I need to discover someplace new! I end up at Black Brick Coffee. It’s pretty cute! I get coconut matcha and an almond croissant. $10 

2:00 PM – I start editing my videos only to realize that I need to get a USB to USB-C adapter. Thankfully, I’m a block away from an Apple store. I get the adapter and hop on the bus to go home and get ready for yoga. $20 

3:00 PM – I make myself a protein shake and then bounce my cute self over to Y7! So ready to sweat! 

5:30 PM – After class, I walk home. Gosh, I love my neighborhood so much there are so many people and babies outside enjoying the freakishly warm 60-degree weather. So cute!  

7:00 PM – I make a Mahi Mahi burger and have grapes and broccoli as sides (strange, I know but I’m out of groceries lol). I hope in bed and finish up editing my budget video for this week. 

9:00 PM – Work in the morning so I start winding down. I set up my video to automatically post on my channel tomorrow and watch some tv before going to sleep. Good night, fam! 


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