Hi my long lost friends! Ok, to be completely honest I have blown the fuck out of my budget since I last did a money dairy. Here’s how: birthday flight to Paris ($475 – a steal! I couldn’t resist!), a trip to dentist ($250 – ugh STILL waiting to be reimbursed), brother’s birthday present ($150 – I just can’t help it! I LURVE HIM), a flight home for Christmas ($350), and last but certainly not least a trip to Atlanta to visit a friend ($250).

Not to mention I still need to purchase a trip home for Thanksgiving, and accommodations for Paris and Atlanta!

So here I am. Back journaling away all my expenses because mama’s gotta get my finances together! My Q3 bonus seriously cannot come fast enough. So let’s get right to it, here’s how I spent my money this week…

(P.S. Also I’m now numbering these diaries by the week of the year i.e. out of 52 this is week 37)

Monday 9/9/2019 

7:00 am – Good morning! Today I learned hangovers can last multiple days. I crawl out of bed – headbanging and put on a denim romper, my green patterned headband, and my Circus by Sam Edelman flip flops. I am sh00k I actually make it out of the door at a reasonable time. 

Money Diary Week 37 Outfit 1

9:00 am – I have my regular breakfast of dairy-free unsweetened coconut yogurt, granola, and fruit. I sit down at my desk and order shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in from Tracee Ellis Ross’ new beauty line Pattern. I’m so excited to try it out! $70 

12:00 pm – Lunchtime and I’m ready for a salad. I’m still feeling quite nauseous so I don’t end up finishing it. I go on a walk with my friend K. and we talk about the drunk weekend we had. It was honestly a journey. 

6:00 pm – Time to dip! I head out with my friend R. and we goto our iMentor orientation. I am SO excited to be able to mentor a young person. It’s a 3-year commitment – but I think it will totally be worth it. I eat an insane amount of pizza (3 whole ass slices) and finish up the mentor paperwork. 

8:45 pm – Whew that orientation was SO long. On my way home I listen to the Millenial Money podcast Be Brave and Get Clear on What You Want with Cait Scudder. I’m feeling hella inspired. 

10:00 pm – I get home and hop in the shower with a quickness. I’m excited to wash the day off and really lean in and think about what I want for my future. I’m turning 25 soon and it’s kinda freaking me out.  I pull out a 5-year plan my mentor from an old internship gave me and map out how far I’ve come. It’s literally been 5 years since I’ve looked at this! Crazy!

Just about everything I asked for I have. I am incredibly blessed. 

Ironically enough I have somehow budgeted my money very poorly since I haven’t been journaling spending habits. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $70 

Tuesday 9/10/2019 

7:00 am  The seasons are changing and I’m finding it so hard to wake up without the sun! Once I finally roll out of bed I decide to wear my cute comfy outfit inspired by one of my prior c-suite bosses (every day she wore a work uniform of a white blouse, black trousers, white sneakers, with gold jewelry). I put on a white oversized blouse, my slightly oversized straight-legged Levi’s, and my pink Vince Camuto sandals.Money Diary Week 37 Outfit 3

9:00 am – Yay! This morning our kitchen staff made breakfast! There are fried eggs, Verde salsa, pancakes, two types of bacon, and a bunch of other Hispanic breakfast foods I don’t know how to pronounce. It’s SO yummy! 

12:00 pm – Ok so I ate WAY to much for breakfast and I am entirely too full for lunch. Sadly, it’s looking super gloomy out so no walk for me today. (Plus I have a 1:00 pm meeting.)

5:45 pm – Okuurrr the rest of the day just flew by! I also do some math and it’s looking like I’m on track to meet my revenue goal this quarter! Praise God! 

6:30 pm – I stop at Trader Joe’s and get bread, arugula, 3x kombuchas, frozen Chana Masla, onions, and a frozen shrimp scampi lasagna. I forget cheese for the 2nd week in a row. I’m taking it as a sign! $31 

7:30 pm – Usually on Sundays, I do laundry, cook, and clean. This last Sunday I was too hungover to do any of that! So I stay in and do a load of laundry. 

8:00 pm – I run to CVS to pick up my prescription. I was texting my doctor last week and she sent me 2 of the same scripts in different dosages. I’m quite sure I only need one – but I figure I might as well get both. I’m insured and I can pay for both. This way I’ll have an extra month worth in case (God forbid!) something happens and I can’t get my meds. I was in that situation this time last year and was paying $300+ a month for the same GENERIC drugs. I’ll be reimbursed for this later and honestly, this gives me so much peace of mind. $70

9:35 pm – I make a chick’n sandwich with avocado and arugula for dinner and have some chips on the side. I grabbed an apple but honestly…probably not going to eat it lol. I swap out a load of laundry and start my bedtime routine. 

Daily Total: $70 

Money Diary Week 37 GymWednesday 9/11/2019

6:00 am – Good morning! I’m up early today and I get a quick cardio and ab workout in before work. I love starting my days with sweat!

7:30 am – Today I decide to wear my favorite Forever21 tulle midi skirt, my denim shirt from PacSun, my pink Vince Camuto sandals and top off the outfit with my pink bow headband from Anthropologie. I’m really feeling the pink today I even pop on a 00s pink frosted lip!

9:00 am – Regular breakfast of unsweetened coconut dairy-free yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, a banana, and granola! Yum! I have a shit ton of work to do so I get to it. 

12:00 pm – Time for lunch! I eat with my colleague and friend K. and we chat about work and life and career. I started this job 6 months ago and I have never stayed at a place for more than 2 years lol. I head out and do a quick lap by myself around Madison Square Park and run into a coworker J. 🙂 

5:00 pm – After lunch, I always feel like my days FLY by! I pack up my things and meet my team in the lobby. We have a cooking class tonight and I’m super looking forward to it. 

Money Diary Week 37 Cooking7:00 pm – Wine is not included in the class but my manager says we can expense it! I’ll be reimbursed for this later. $20 

9:00 pm – The cooking class was SO MUCH FUN! And there are leftovers. I take home the veggie pasta – this will definitely be my dinner for the rest of the week. Yum! I catch an uber home (which I will also be able to expense). $15 

10:30 pm – I’m pooped. I wipe my face with witch hazel, brush my teeth and call it a night. 

Daily Total: $30 

Thursday 9/12/2019 

Money Diary Week 37 Outfit 47:00 am – Good morning! I wake up, shower, and get dressed. Today I’m wearing a pinstriped Levi’s dress to work and my Circus by Sam Edelman flip flops. Cute & comfy! 

9:15 am – Left later than usual today so I arrive at work late as well which means I missed the berries. Instead, I have half a bagel with butter, grapes, and 2 hard-boiled eggs with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. Yum! 

12:00 pm – Lunch with my friend K. again! I love our little daily routine. I go outside for a hot second to get a few laps in before it starts to rain. 

5:00 pm – WHEW! Again, how time FLIES after lunch. I have Y7 yoga class so I head out a little early and head to the studio for a good flow. 

8:00 pm – Get home way later than expected because I took the F train instead of the M by accident. Oh well. I’m super dehydrated after my class so I chug a bottle of water as soon as I get home. 

I make some broccoli to go with the leftover pasta for dinner. Yum! 

9:00 pm – After dinner, I fold some laundry, change my sheets, and start my bedtime routine. I’m WIPED. Plus I’m currently nasal challenged and breathing out of my nose is nearly impossible. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $0 

Friday 9/13/2019 

7:00 am – Good morning! Happy Friday! Today I wear my paid trousers, white bodysuit tank, my Kenneth Cole sandals, and top it all off with my baby blue Anthropologie headband. Before I head out the door I grab my Levi’s denim jacket. It is fall after all. Feeling very cute on this fine Friday! Money Diary 37 Outfit 5

9:00 am – Regular breakfast of unsweetened dairy-free coconut yogurt, blackberries, blueberries, a banana, and granola. Yum! 

12:00 pm – It’s Friday and that means catered lunch. We’re having sushi, dumplings, teriyaki salmon, and teriyaki tofu. I go for seconds. It’s SO good. 

4:00 pm – So my trousers have just betrayed me and my zipper busted open. Oh well, I guess I’ll have those cookies I’ve been eyeing. I also grab a white claw from the beer cart and crank out my last hour of work. 

5:00 pm – Out of work and on my bike! So ready for Soul Cycle. Well, not entirely ready. I forgot socks so I have to buy some overpriced Soul Cycle socks…ugh. Today’s class is Beyonce Homecoming! I sweat so hard. $15 

7:00 pm – I get home and have some popcorn for dinner and watch Fantastic Beasts.  Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $15 

Saturday 9/14/2019 

8:00 am – Good morning! I get up, brush my teeth, and pop on some gym clothes and take the bus to my 9:30 am pilates class. 

10:00 am – Such a great class! After I see they’re doing a Lizzo v Cardi B class so I sign up before I leave. I decide to walk home and burn some extra calories. 

1:00 pm – I head to Nordstroms Rack to return some items. I end up purchasing a cute side lamp for my room. I pop over to Marshall’s and I also pick up a hairbrush and a new facewash. $30 

9:00 pm – Time for my friend A.’s going away party! I’m feeling lazy so I wear a cropped hoodie and jeans to head out the door. 

10:30 pm – Ok so it’s a million degrees! I take of my hoodie and end up just wearing my bra and jeans at the bar. Oh well! I have a white claw, a beer, and I order shots for me and A. $25 

12:45 pm – Party is over! A’s friends are nice. She’s moving to London so we plan to keep in touch and meet up when I’m in Europe in 2 months. Can’t wait! 

I get home, make some popcorn, and finish watching UnReal. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $55

Sunday 9/15/2019 

10:00 am – Good morning! I sleep in today and make pancakes and eggs for breakfast! Yum! 

1:00 pm – So after spending most of the day watch the Real Housewives I decide I needed to start living my REAL life lol. I book a last-minute yoga class at Y7 and head over. 

3:00 pm – Class was SO great! I love the instructor, Bee. Class is all about welcoming the distractions of life and not labeling them as bad. I am so happy I went – definitely going to try to apply this to my life this week! It’s so easy to think “Oh I just wasted so much time going down the Google black hole learning about an obscure random fact”…well it’s easy for me because I do it all the time but I won’t have that mindset anymore 🙂 I’m just a curious Carrie! 

5:00 pm – I am going to be hella productive! I wash and deep condition my hair, do a face mask, wax my unwanted hair, marinate the salmon I picked up yesterday, and do a load of laundry (no clothes just random things like rugs, dish towels, slippers). Woo! I love me! 

7:00 pm – Whew ok ya girl is tired. I decide to make a chick’n sandwich with avocado and arugula for dinner. I also have some chips and salsa on the side. Yummy! 

9:00 pm – Ok so my hair is damp and the idea of braiding it down for a wig exhausts me. I decide blowing out my hair is the easiest option…or at least the one I feel like doing the most. I turn on Steven Universe and blow out my hair until it’s time to go to sleep. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $0

Weekly Total: $240 

Wow! Two zero spend days this week! I am so proud of myself. I am going to try to push for 4 zero spend days next week as the holidays are coming up and I have 2 vacations planned in Q4. I gotta tighten up my spending! I think one thing I can definitely cut is shopping and the drinking – although to be honest I am proud of myself because I didn’t go overboard! Until my last vacation in December I’m going to aim to spend only $200 a week. Let’s see if I can do it!

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