I’m back to posting on a consistent schedule my loves! It’s August and I’m a brand new bitch. This week I got a HUGE bonus check. Did I spend it responsibly? You gotta keep reading to find out! So let’s just jump right into it. Here’s how I spent my money this week: 

Day 1: Monday 7/29/2019 

6:45 am – Good morning! I have snoozed my alarm 6 x before this very moment 🙂 lol. My roomie is in the bathroom when I get up so I spend some time cleaning the apartment and deciding what I want to wear…hmm…today I chose my cream tulle midi skirt, my denim t-shirt with distressed hems, my pink Vince Camuto sandals, and a pink Anthropologie headband. 

8:45 am – In the office and for some reason, I decided to go with the regular diary filled yogurt today topped with fresh fruit and granola. It tastes so good but I already know I’m about to be SO gassy all day. Smh. 

My cousins are planning a trip to Cedar Point so I book a ticket home so I can be there for the festivities. This should be fun! Also pumped I get double the points on this purchase. $216 

12:00 pm – LUNCH TIME! I sit with my work dad and two of our peers. He literally is such a comedian I spend the entire lunch break laughing my ass off. After I head out to the park to walk around for a bit before my 1:00 pm meeting. 

6:00 pm – Staying until 6:00 pm because one of my coworkers is…I actually don’t want to even give their negative energy acknowledgment. I get home at 6:45 pm and call an uber and pray I make it to my 7:00 pm Soul Cycle class. $10 

7:10 pm – Turns out my class is actually at 7:30 pm! I forgot socks in the rush to get over here so I head to Duane Reade to pick up a pair and facetime my friend A. We’re currently on track to enroll in an MBA prep program together so we check in to motivate each other.

I’m 0/29 for my study plan and he’s 2/2 lol. The application is due in October so we have a bit of time.  $6 

8:45 pm – Home and I start prepping dinner. It’s obviously a quinoa bowl this time with salmon, arugula, egg, and avocado topped with cajun sauce. I take some shrimp out of the freezer to dethaw for tomorrow’s dinner. 

10:30 pm – In bed (writing this diary TBH) exhausted from the workout. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $232

Day 2: Tuesday 7/30/2019 

6:30 am – I forgot to set my 6:00 am last night so it’s a pretty rushed morning for me. FYI – I like to set an alarm for 6:00 am and lay in bed with 10-minute alarms going off until 6:30 am lol. Anywho, my roomie is showering so I use the other bathroom in the apartment and it’s pretty gross. I don’t think my other roomies have cleaned it in years. So grateful my roomie M and I are neat freaks! We clean the bathroom once a week. 

8:45 am – At work and I have half a cinnamon raisin bagel with butter and apricot jam and a bowl watermelon, cantaloupe? (the orange one), pineapple, and blueberries for breakfast. 

12:00 pm – Lunch time! I have the usual salad and eat with my work twin (we have the same birthday and were hired on the same day!), my workdad, and a few other coworkers. After lunch, me, my workdad, R., and N. all go for “spicy” matchas. I try to pay for my workdad since he treats me every time but he immediately shuts it down. UGH. A blessing and a curse! 

3:00 pm – Ok so the spice in the matcha is CBD oil and I’m REALLY feeling it. I spend the rest of the day in the fun room and melt into the couch while browsing the Nordstrom anniversary sale. 

6:20 pm – Solidcore workout time! This class is SO intense. I love it! After class, I head to Trader Joe’s and pick up some groceries. I get 3x kombuchas, eggs, salsa, broccoli, quinoa, strawberry greek froyo pops, high protein burgers, frozen naan,  2x frozen Indian dinners, and bananas. $50 

8:00 pm – Home! Pop in a quick load of laundry before taking a shower. I take a quick shower and dive into a multitasker mode. I marinate and sautee shrimp for dinner, boil an egg, do my skincare & haircare night routine, do the dishes, AND pop another load of laundry in. BOOYAH! 

9:45 pm – One of my roomie T. went to culinary school and shares with me that my metal cooking utensils are fucking up my nonstick pans. I stick them in a donation bag and order nonstick pan friendly cooking utensils and an apple tv mount from Amazon. Sad that my pans are ruined but happy I have now learned from this and it won’t happy again! $33 

11:00 pm – Browsing the Nordstrom sale debating on a purchase. Purses and shoes are my weakness! I decide to wait until I get paid tomorrow to pull the trigger. Good night! 

Daily Total: $83 

Day 3: Wednesday 7/31/2019 

6:50 am – I have the hardest time waking up this morning! Go figure. I decide to dress like a barbie doll and wear a pink Banana Republic dress with my pink Vince Camuto sandals. I accessorize with my Bauble Bar gold heart hoops and to faux pearl hairpins.  

8:45 am – At work and we’re having a special avocado toast breakfast! This company Avo will grocery shop for you and have the items in the office before the end of the day. Super convenient! We all get $10 to spend and a cute avocado knife. 

12:00 pm – Lunch! I was so out of it today. Literally, my coworker was talking to me and it took me so long to process what he was saying LOL. I go outside for my daily walk and end up sitting on a park bench next to a guy playing “Pretty Woman” on the ukelele. Moments like this is why I love New York. 

6:00 pm – My dinner plans fall through at the last minute but my roomies are meeting for a drink around the apartment so it all works out! I debate on whether or not I really want to go – I check my horoscope on Co-Star and it literally says “Don’t be lazy. Put forth the effort in relationships.” I’m going. It’s decided! 

7:30 pm – I have a glass of Rosé and me and roomies chat about work, boys, and T.’s upcoming birthday celebration. $9 

9:30 pm – In bed, exhausted. The protein bar I had on my way to the bar will have to work for dinner. Goodnight!

Daily Total: $9 

Day 4: Thursday 8/1/2019 

6:15 am – Good morning! I wake up just before my alarm goes off and hop in the shower. I love morning showers! I get dress and decide to wear my light blue denim washed shorts, Ralph Lauren button-up collared shirt, black Vince Camuto sandals, gold N initial necklace,  pink Bauble Bar ring, and an Anthropologie headband. Feeling cute and casual! 

8:45 am – I want all the food this morning after having just a protein bar for dinner last night. I have an ENTIRE bagel! One half with butter and Raspberry jelly and the other half with arugula and egg salad. Yum! 

12:00 pm – Salad time! Lunch is my favorite time of the day. I eat with some coworkers and me and my black girl gang go out for a walk after lunch. It’s nice to have some sisterhood in corporate America. 

1:00 pm – I have some time after lunch and decide what I want to do with my quarterly bonus. I ultimately decide instead of making a large partial payment on my Paypal credit card I would rather pay off the entirety of my Barclays Apple Rewards credit card. I make the payment, pay my rent, and buy another shoe organizer to continue the Marie Kondo method of cleaning. 

I want to take $200 and treat myself for paying off a credit card! I browse Mejuri, Nordstrom anniversary sale, Baublebar, Sephora, and The Ordinary. $2,796

6:00 pm – My fellow Nigerian coworker is heading back to the LA office so we go out for drinks to celebrate her last night in NYC. We head to Pianos – a NYC classic – and I buy the first round of drinks and we have several drinks afterward. $19 

9:45 pm – Home and drunk! I watch Schitt’s Creek and continue to browse for my “closer to being credit card free” gift! 6 months ago I was in credit card debt with 5 cards. Today, it’s only 2! This is a cause for celebration! 

12:15 am – I should go to sleep lol. 

Daily Total: $2,815

Day 5: Friday 8/2/2019 

6:30 am – Up and ready to hop in the shower. I love starting my days like this. Today’s outfit is a Calvin Klein blue and white pinstriped collared t-shirt dress and my all-white chunky Filas. I put on my gold jewelry: initial necklace, pink/gold ring, and these bracelets my friend C. gave me while I was visiting her in Boston. 

I pack my vitamins, kombucha, and 2 banana in my bag. Quickly change my kitty’s litter, feed and refill his water bowl and I’m ready to go! My roomie and I have the same schedule on Fridays so we walk to the train together 🙂 

8:30 am – In the office a little early but it’s good because I have ALOT to do today. I have my regular fruit, granola, and dairy-free yogurt breakfast this morning…but I don’t eat much for some reason. Guess I’m not hungry! 

12:00 pm – My 11:30 am one on one with my manager went waaaay over. Lunch seats go quickly and I literally feel like I’m in highschool again looking for a place to sit in the cafeteria. 

We have catered BBQ tofu, potatoes, wedge salads, and cornbread. It’s…ok. I was super optimistic and was hoping it would be much better! After lunch, I head to the Container Store to pick up my online order (paid for yesterday). I’m still in the process of Marie Kondoing my apartment! 

3:30 pm – My manager gives us the go-ahead to head out of the office! Woohoo! I take my vodka seltzer to go and I’m outta here for the weekend. 

Ran into my friend M. on my way home from work lol. Big city…small island. 

6:30 pm – Y7 Yoga Time ❤ 

8:30 pm – Home, shower, wash my hair and make the Trader Joe’s high protein veggie burgers. It’s actually VERY good. I highly recommend and I will DEFINITELY be getting these on a regular basis. I’m 140 lbs, 5’4”, and exercise 4-6 times a week my recommended protein intake is 126 grams and I can promise you I’m nowhere near that – but these burgers should start to bridge the gap! So thankful I picked them up. 

10:15 pm – I spend some time browsing flights home for the holidays this year. If I book early enough my Thanksgiving and Christmas flights should cost me $614. I plan on purchasing them both before 9/15. Hopefully, the price doesn’t go up! 

Daily Total: $0 

Day 6: Saturday 8/3/2019 

8:00 am – Good morning world! I wake up feeling super refreshed. I lay in bed for a bit and cuddle with my kitty J. I make eggs, hash browns, and meatless sausages for breakfast. Yum! 

10:30 am – It’s time for my Soulcycle Lizzo theme ride! I am so excited. I get such a great workout in and I get to jam to one of my favorite artists. Score! 

12:00 pm – I come home, shower, and start a deep conditioning hair treatment. I also wash one of my wigs. Whew, wigs are so convenient until it’s time to wash them! 

4:00 pm – Woke up from a nap I didn’t know I was taking LOL. My roomie’s birthday picnic is in an hour, I’ll probably be a little late. I rinse out my deep conditioning treatment and braid my hair down for a wig. I coordinate with my other friend M. to meet me there. 

8:00 pm – After 4 too many fireball shots and too many glasses of wine to count we start to pack up and head back to our apartment. I had so much fun with my roomie and it was nice to see her in her Swedish element with her friends. My friend M. sadly arrives just as we’re about to leave. One of the girls is too drunk to walk so I order us a car back to my apartment. $10 

10:00 pm – So I ordered a car to The Commodore only to realize I forgot my wallet at home. I take it as a sign and call it a night! My friend M. and I take the train back. We part ways and I end up getting caught in the rain. I ran two blocks home in the pouring rain laughing and giggling the whole way. I feel like a kid again! (Or a drunk adult lol) $10 

Daily Total: $20 

Day 7: Sunday 8/3/2019 

10:00 am – I am SO SLEEPY! And craving cereal? I’m out of milk so I head to the local Key Foods and pick up soy milk, grits, and la Croix. $12 

1:30 pm – Time for my [solidcore] workout. This class is so hard and I LOVE it. They just opened up a studio in Williamsburg so I am extremely grateful for this new super convenient location. 

Shrimp & Grits3:00 pm – Home, shower, and start cooking! Today I am trying something new and making shrimp and grits for the first time. It’s absolutely delicious! 

7:30 pm – I sit in bed and seriously think about my goals for the month of August. I want to submit two applications within the next 6 weeks in order to further my education. I also realize that in order to do this, I’m not going to be able to nap all my weekends away :/ I make a goal to have two “working weekends” per month starting in August. 

9:30 pm – Time for bed! My kitty isn’t in the snuggling mood so I get to starfish tonight. Woohoo! I watch the latest and last season of #OITNB 

Daily Total: $12 

Weekly Total: $3,171 

Weekly Reflection: 

I am SO PROUD of myself for the way I spent my money this week. I got my first full bonus from my job and I debated if I wanted to buy myself a luxury purse or shoes. I ultimately had to realign myself with my mission: to live debt free and build wealth. Once I grounded myself it was obvious that this extra bump in income had to be used to pay down my credit card debt. 

Once I knew this was going towards my credit card debt I then had to decide which one? I have a card that accumulates a $$$hit ton of interest per month, a card that accumulates minimal interest and has 6 months of special financing, and one that accumulates no interest and has about 3 months of special financing left. 

However, what really motivated me was the ability to pay off one of the cards in full. 

So I did it! I made the plunge and kissed 80% of my bonus away. I set aside $200 to treat myself…and still haven’t decided what I should get! This may sound crazy – but the joy of paying the card off is honestly enough.

See you next week! 


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