Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. The fourth of July was crazy and then suddenly I just couldn’t stick to my regular routine. But I’m back now! And I have come to the realization this is the only way I can actually track my expenses since spreadsheets make me snooze. Plus money is an extremely personal thing and there is truly a story behind every dollar I spend. 

Anywho! Here’s how I spent my money this week! Enjoy. 

Day 1: Monday 7/22/2019 

6:30 am – Good morning! I take my time getting ready today. I decided on my white off the shoulder lace dress, with my Jeffery Campbell nude patent leather shoes. I pack a kombucha in my backpack because I love a lil Monday pick me up! Feed my kitty, change his litter, and I’m out the door! 

8:45 am – At work and a guy ran into me on the subway platform and knocked my phone out of my hands. It shattered :/ Thank God I have AppleCare! I have my usual breakfast of dairy-free yogurt, granola,  blueberries, blackberries, and a banana. 

11:00 am – I sneak out of work to drop my phone off at the Apple Store and make it back in time to have lunch & make my 12:30 pm meeting! Feeling BLESSED! 

3:00 pm – Sneak back out of the office to pick up my phone. Thankfully, my work provided me with an iPhone screen protector free of charge! I love working here. I spend some time in between meetings looking for more protective cases. $30 

5:00 pm – Last meeting of the day! Woohoo! I didn’t bring an umbrella to work today and the forecast is severe thunderstorms. The kind where the government sends an alert to EVERY iPhone in NYC. Thankfully, my coworker J at the front desk is able to find a company umbrella for me to take home. Did I mention I love this company??? 

6:30 pm – Home and I call to cancel my Soul Cycle class due to the weather. I take out shrimp to dethaw for tomorrow’s dinner. Tonight’s menu consists of frozen Trader Joe’s Indian – SO GOOD! 

9:00 pm – I watch Crazy Rich Asians for the first time and head to bed. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $30 

Day 2: Tuesday 7/23/2019 

6:30 am – Good morning! I take maybe too much time getting ready today lol. Leave late and end up being on the same schedule as my roomie L. so we walk to the train & commute together. 

9:00 am – I grab a banana and hop on a 9:00 am call. It goes well and I love working with this client – sad I have to transition him to a permanent team. I have a whole wheat bagel with strawberry jelly, 2 boiled eggs, and some grapes for breakfast. 

12:00 pm – Lunch at my desk today because I am behind on emails and leaving early for a pilates class. I feel caught up around 1:00 pm so I head out and chill in Madison Square Park for some alone time & some sun! 

5:00 pm – Heading to Pilates! My friend T. isn’t feeling well so she’s skipping our class today. It’s my first time doing Pilates and I really enjoy it! 

7:00 pm – Home and I do some laundry while making dinner – tonight I’m having cajun shrimp, quinoa, spinach, and an egg. Yum! 

I realize I’m nearly out of detergent so I log in to Amazon to purchase some necessities: dry cat food, wet cat food,  laundry scent booster, liquid laundry detergent (turns out it’s more cost-efficient than the packs?! Who knew!), some trendy hair clips, a headband, and Little Fires Everywhere: A Novel. $94

10:00 pm – Time for bed! I play with my cat J for a bit and then curl up into bed. Goodnight!

Daily Total: $94 

Day 3: Wednesday 7/24/2019 

6:15 am – Good morning! I was planning on going to the gym this morning but end up cleaning my apartment and finishing up some laundry instead. After a quick shower, I chose a completely Banana Republic outfit of dark olive shorts with flare accents on the hem and pair it with my blue and white striped off the shoulder blouse and tan Sara Flint sandals. Obsessed with this look! 

8:45 am – At work and have a breakfast of blueberries, blackberries, a sliced banana, granola, and dairy-free yogurt. The usual. And super yummy! I have back to back to back meetings all day today. 

12:00 pm – Lunchtime! My friend R. and I have lunch outside and soak in the good weather. It’s 75 and sunny! Such a blessing. I take a short lunch break to catch up on some emails. I have another 2-hour training after lunch. 

5:30 pm – Later gators! I head home and quickly change into my workout gear and head to Y7 Williamsburg. So pumped for this class. I booked it pretty last minute so very grateful to have this spot. 

8:00 pm – After a fantastic workout I walk home and pick up some groceries on the way. I get 2x kombuchas, salmon, shrimp, arugula, and 2x avocados. $38*

*Wishing I would have gone to Trader Joe’s instead! 

9:00 pm – I boil some water and take a quick shower. Once I’m out of the shower I pop an egg into the water and start prepping my quinoa bowl for tonight’s dinner. Pretty much the same as last night’s dinner – so good! 

I also cut up the salmon into individual portion sizes and freeze them (it’s cheaper to buy bigger filets + portioned sizes cook waaay faster!). 

10:00 pm – I have a mango creamsicle for dessert and book the rest of my fitness classes for the week. J. found a new non-toy toy so we play for about 30 mins. Goodnight! 

Daily Spend: $38 

Day 4: Thursday 7/25/2019

6:15 am – Good morning! I’m up early today and in lieu of the gym, I decided to clean my apartment. You know what they say right? Cleanliness is next to Godliness! 

Today I am wearing my pinstriped Aqua peplum skirt and my Calvin Klein white button-down collared shirt. On my feet, I’m wearing my low top light blue converse. This skirt is a little short but I love how my legs look when I wear it! 

8:45 am – In the office and I decide to have half a bagel with apricot jam, a bowl of fruit, and 2 hard-boiled eggs for breakfast. Yum! 

12:00 pm – Lunchtime! I have a very insightful conversation on race and politics with a few minorities in the office over lunch. We all have different backgrounds and I learn a lot from everyone’s unique perspective. Not the most SFW conversation, but it’s just between us 🙂 

3:00 pm – Finally have a break from the grind! I head out and walk around the park for about an hour. Once I’m back I do a little shopping – one of my goals for July was to organize my room and my current method of shoe storage is no longer cutting it. I purchase an under bed shoe organizer and 2 acrylic cosmetic organizers from The Container Store. I use my eBates account to get 6% cashback. $46 

5:00 pm – My coworker B. and I sign up for a tennis lesson together. The special is 2 for $48. Why do I have such expensive hobbies? Tennis is so bougie and I love it. $48

7:00 pm – Gym time! I haven’t been to the gym in so long because I’ve been taking a lot of fitness classes. My gym has just finished remodeling and it looks SO GOOD. I definitely want to be here more often. I make a mental note to start spending more time in my home gym. 

9:00 pm – Protein shake and bed! My Amazon package arrived so I start Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. Goodnight! 

Daily Total: $94 

Day 5: Friday 7/26/2019 

6:30 am – Good morning! I spend some time cleaning my apartment and thinking about how I want to reorganize everything. A goal of mine for July was to Marie Kondo my apartment and next week is already August! 

I do my regular morning routine and wear my white jeans with a distressed hem (super cute!), a light blue off the shoulder satin blouse, and my floral Vince Camuto sandals. Sadly, I am a victim of the patriarchy and CANNOT leave the house without unpolished toenails. I quickly through on 2 coats of light blue nail polish and walk to the train with my roomie M. 

8:45 am – In the office and I have a bagel with arugula and egg salad plus a bowl of fruit. So satisfying. I have a lot of emails to send and accounts to optimize so I plug in for the day while listening to The Read podcast. 

12:00 pm – Lunch! We have catered food on Fridays. I’m not sure what this cuisine is but it’s super yummy! After lunch, I go on a walk with another Nigerian woman my company hired. She’s based in the LA office but it’s SO NICE to have another brown skin girl on the team.

5:00 pm – Out of work and heading to a SoulCycle class with my friend/co-worker K. I had a few cocktails at the office so it’s an interesting workout for me lol. I got my sweat on! Afterward, K. and I head to The Container Store to pick up my order and we chat about office politics. 

9:00 pm – I came home showered and did a face mask. Feeling great! With my new shoe storage in place, I start the Marie Kondo process on my room. I have so much stuff. This is ridiculous. 

12:00 pm – So I finally decide to take a break and eat some dinner. Can it even be called dinner at midnight? I catch up on POSE and then kinda sorta accidentally binge OITNB until 4:00 am. Oops! 

Daily Total: $0 

Day 6: Saturday 7/27/2019 

9:00 am – Good morning! Slept in a bit and not feeling my 10:00 am barre class. Instead, I goto the local grocery store and pick up some cereal and a protein bar. I’m exhausted from staying up so late last night. Maybe I’ll go to the gym later. Maybe I won’t. $8 

12:00 pm – Back to the Maria Kondoing grind. I now see how this process takes people months. My motivation is working towards my 8/1 deadline and shifting the energy in my living space. This is the longest I’ve stayed at an apartment EVER. And I just need a little change. 

2:00 pm – I rarely order food but today is an exception! I’ve been working so hard on this Marie Kondo method so I deserve. I order the lunch special Pad Thai from Hungry?! So excited. $12 

6:30 pm – I fall asleep for the night lol. Completely on accident but oh well! 

Daily Total: $20 

Day 7: Sunday 7/28/2019 

9:00 am – Good morning! The only thing on my agenda today is yoga at 7 pm so I’m taking it nice and easy this morning. 

12:00 pm – I make breakfast as well as meal prep for the week. I make 2 salmon fillets, quinoa, and eggs. I have a filet, eggs, arugula, and toast for breakfast. Yum! 

2:00 pm – While bingeing Schitt’s Creek I decide I’m going to do my hair. It’s been two weeks and my scalp is over this hairstyle. I take a shower and only wash my hair since I’m working out later this evening and will be showering again tonight. I use my Coco & Eve leave-in conditioner. 

5:45 pm – I decide to leave my apartment for the first time this weekend lol. I head to the park that halfway between my apartment and Y7 and read more of my book Little Fires Everywhere. My friend Alyssa also happens to be on a jog in the park and we spend some time catching up. 

8:00 pm – Y7 was AMAZING! I head home and take a shower. I rinse out the deep conditioner and put my hair in two french braids straight to the back. My goto style for wigs lol. 

9:30 pm – I have a Mahi-mahi burger with blue chips for dinner and a coconut chocolate RX bar for desert. Yum! I’m honestly sh00k it’s not a quinoa bowl. I catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale and go to sleep around 11:30 pm. 

BTW – Does anyone else think the constant use of 3B curly weaves for black girls is erasure? Because I know damn well homegirl was NOT getting her done in Gilead. Good night! 

Daily Total: $0 

Weekly Total: $276 

Weekly Reflection: 

Wowzers! I am SO proud of the way I spent my money this week. I treated myself but didn’t go overboard. Plus, I actually bought the necessities I needed WHEN I needed them. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve needed something i.e. toothpaste and just prolonged the tube I had until I ABSOLUTELY could not go on. Does anyone else do that? NOT TO MENTION not one but TWO zero spend days! Cheers to making responsible ADULT decisions! 

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