Some people say that you can do anything you put your mind to. And it’s true guys! Throughout the week I kept very busy working 12 hour days between my 9-5 and side hustle. Living in New York City is very expensive and it’s always best to have additional streams of income–no matter what the work is!

I celebrated a lot of friends this week and honestly praying Week 12 is alot more chill. I did the most this week but somehow miraculously spent the least? God is real. Here’s how I spent my money this week…

Day 1: 6/10/2019

6:30 am – TMI – I’m on my period and simply cannot with the gym this morning. I do my regular routine: brush teeth, facial toner, facial beauty oil, ABH brow whiz, and Better Than Sex Mascara. And then spend 1 hour trying to blow dry my braids in hopes of a perfect braid out.

8:00 am – I walk to the train station with my roomie and once I get there I realize I forgot my MetroCard. I double back home to pick it up and get caught in the rain. Honestly, the double back was a blessing because I realize I forgot to feed my kitty and change his litter. I quickly do those chores and change into a heavier black denim jacket. Let’s try this commute again!

12:00 pm – Lunch time! I have the usual salad. It’s delicious. I’ve been trying to watch my calories intake (even though I still snack like a pig) so I’ve been cutting back on overstuffing my salads. Honestly, it gives me more room to just snack later.

I bought salad dressing for my daily work salads but haven’t quite figured out home I’m going to bring just one serving of dressing to work. I know if I bring the whole thing it’ll be gone in one day lol.

3:00 pm – Work is pretty slow for me because I don’t have a lot of live accounts yet. I do what I can and keep it pushing. My coworkers K., B., and I  make protein shakes in the kitchen. Yum! Almost 5:00 pm!

6:45 pm – I’m home and trying to figure out what I’m going to do with my hair. I got a lot of compliments today – which I do appreciate – but on the inside, I know my hair is very dry and not doing to great.

8:15 pm – I make another quinoa bowl with leftovers in the fridge. Salmon, asparagus, quinoa, an egg, and the last of the teriyaki sauce. I watch a bunch of Naptural85 videos and after I’m done eating I braid my hair up in hopes my braid out will turn out better tomorrow.

Daily Total: $0

Day 2: 6/11/2019

6:30 pm – My hair is still wet for the second morning in a row – what TF is going on here??? I’m getting very frustrated with my hair (if you couldn’t tell). This morning I spend another hour blowing it out and somehow it looks worse than it did yesterday? Lord, I have seen what you have done for others. Please bless me.

8:00 am – I quickly change my kitty’s litter, add more food to his bowl, and then do my daily beauty routine: a spritz of toner, rose facial oil, ABH brow whiz, and Better Than Sex mascara. I put a ribbon in my hair headband style as a last minute effort to make it look slight decent. It’s ok. And it’s another rainy day so my hair and I don’t really stand a chance.

11:00 am – Eggs, eggs, eggs. I have two hard-boiled eggs with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. I’m proud of myself for eating more protein in my daily diet. I really feel the difference as far as muscle in my body.

12:00 pm – Lunch! It’s actually a beautiful day out (now – was not this morning!) so I go on a walk and soak in the sun.

3:00 pm – I honestly spend the majority of the day researching new beauty products for my hair. I am very preoccupied. I end up texting a black girl group chat that I’m in asking for their advice on natural hair and their favorite hair care products. I get a lot of responses. I love my girls!

5:30 pm – Leaving work slightly early because I am babysitting at 6:00 pm for one of my old families. It turns out they’re actually moving to California! So many of my families have left NYC once their babies turned 1. I’m noticing a pattern here!

11:30 pm – Whew the parents were out late but I don’t really mind. They always buy me dinner! I walk home and I’m completely exhausted (I may have fallen asleep on the couch lol). I plan on taking this babysitting money and giving it directly to my credit card company. ($120)

Daily Total: $0

Day 3: 6/12/2019

7:00 am – I am so tired. Getting out of bed is a struggle but somehow I make it! Running very slow today and maybe kinda late? I leave the house at 8:00 am.

8:55 am – Ok you can really feel the difference between leaving at 7:45 am and 8:00 am. I tell myself tomorrow I will be MUCH better and actually leave on time! My day is starting quickly. I grab breakfast and walk directly into my 9:00 am global meeting.

11:00 am – EGGGGGS! I’m actually starting to get busy at work. This is making the day go by so fast.

12:00 pm – I have lunch with my work dad. I really love this guy! He holds me accountable for my finances and gases me up whenever I’m financially responsible. After lunch, we go for a walk and he buys more pods for his e-cig. He asks me what’s new with me and I tell him about my hair situation. He laughs – I’m very stressed about this I don’t know why he thinks it’s funny!!!

3:00 pm – Are daily protein shakes becoming a thing? Today it’s J.’s turn to make the shake, he does a peanut butter & oreo cookie shake. Delicious!

5:30 pm – And I am out of here! I’m so tired (probably from babysitting late last night) so I cancel my dinner party plans and head straight home.

8:30 pm – Is anyone else obsessed with watching women style their kinky curly hair on Youtube? No? Just me. I watch a lot of videos and get an idea of some hair products I’m debating on trying. My hair is SO DRY after these braids. I purchase aloe vera juice (for my hair), an edge brush, Aussie moist 3-minute deep conditioner, honey hydrate leave-in, and a honey curl custard. I also use my $5 Amazon gift card. $45

9:00 pm – I’m definitely planning on buying some high-end hair products once I get paid Friday. My hair is in such bad condition after the braids….I mean it was bad when I got the braids which is why I got them lol. I deep condition my hair using the Shea Moisture Jamaican Shea Butter and Black Castor oil deep conditioner.

10:30 pm – I put my hair in a slicked back low afro puff and head to bed. This style should last me for two days and then I’ll have more time to figure out my hair over the weekend. Good night!

Daily Total: $45

Day 4: 6/13/2019

6:30 am – Jesus my period has really killed my workout regimen this week. I thought that maybe today would be the day I get a pre-work workout in but atlas it’s not. My afro puff is looking cute today! This is the first day I’ve been happy with my hair this week. I am on cloud 9! Regular morning routine for me today.

8:00 am – My roomie had to be at work early today so I’m walking to the train by myself and listen to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast Participate in Your Unfolding. So good. I am really trying to work on being more flexible, communicating clearly (and in the moment), and generally just being more open to change and surrendering my life to the Universal God.

11:15 am – Sadly I forgot my eggs today. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow. I take the time to schedule my credit card payment for Monday $250 (figure I’d double the $120 from Tuesday), decreased my tithe (from $155 to $55), download the new Skymiles Shopping button so I can earn double the miles on certain purchases. I debate whether I want to earn double the miles on my Sephora purchase or 2% invested in my Acorns account with my purchase. Decisions, decisions.

12:00 pm – Salads! Yum! I eat with some coworkers and end up taking a walk solo dolo.

5:30 pm  – Leaving a wee bit early because I am babysitting again tonight. On the way home I pick up shea butter from the street vendors at Union Square – health hair here I come! $5

7:00 pm – I order nachos and french fries for dinner (courtesy of the parents!). The parents I sit for also think it’s funny I am so stressed about my hair. These are real problems people! But I guess when you’re older your hair is deprioritized.

10:00 pm – I’m watching “A Star Is Born” on the couch when the mom texts me to let me know the concert is rained out so they will be coming home early. They call me a cab and I head home to finish the movie in my own bed. ($90)

Daily Total: $5

Day 5: 6/14/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! I have my first workout of the week after work today and I am oh so happy to FINALLY be off of my period. I do my regular morning routine: facial toner, facial oil, ABH brow whiz, and Better Than Sex mascara. Then I change my kitty litter and feed my kitty. And finally, pack a gym bag for after work. I notice I’m out of kombucha so I make a mental note to go to the grocery store later. Also, my hair looks great!

8:00 am – My roomie M. has to be at work early and I have to pick up my headphones as I left them at the family’s home last night. I’m running uber late but luckily my boss is out of the office today so it’s no biggie.

12:00 pm – Lunch time! Today its Laos food and I’m so excited. Do you guys watch Chef’s table? There was a Laos cuisine/chef episode and ever since I’ve been dying to try the food. It does not disappoint.

TMI – but every time I finish getting my plate of food and pick a table I use the bathroom. So today, I did that and head back to my seat my work dad had gotten my drink for me!!!

Ok, so it’s not really that big of a deal. But I was really touched he knew exactly what I wanted to drink – a Pamplemousse La Croix. These are the little moments of trust building guys!

After work me and my work dad go for a walk in the park and chat.

4:30 pm – And I’m out of here! I head to Sephora to window shop and check out some of the high-end conditioners I’m thinking about purchasing. I buy nothing and causally slather high-end skincare products on my face and leave.

5:30 pm – Y7 here I come! I am so happy to get a good sweat in. After I head to the grocery store and buy Salmon, 3x Kombuchas, and spinach.$30

9:00 pm – I finish showering and washing my hair and I realize I could either a) do my hair or b) make salmon. I chose my hair and make eggs and avocado toast for dinner. Quick and easy!

10:30 pm – I finish my hair and start watching When They See Us. It’s way too much and after the first episode, I watch something else instead. I will be back but I can’t watch it all in one sitting. It breaks my heart. Good night!

Daily Total: $30

Day 6: 6/15/2019

8:00 am – Good morning! I wake up and brush my teeth because I realized I forgot to use my prescription toothpaste last night. Oh well. I end up returning the honey curl custard item because the first ingredients were some unnatural things I couldn’t pronounce. Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol, Polymia Sochifolia Extract. No thank you! ($9)

10:00 am – I make waffles and veggie sausage for breakfast and my roomie M. picks me up at coffee from Starbucks. I have a lot going on today so I text my friends quickly confirm game plans.

1:00 pm – I show up my friends birthday BBQ solo dolo. The girl friend that was supposed to be my plus one today completely forgot her mom was in town this weekend. LOL. I can’t stay too long because I have another party to go to but it’s so nice to see some of my church friends!

I buy a bottle of water while I’m out because it is a hot one today! $3

3:00 pm – I make it to the second party of the day. It’s nice to meet D.’s friends! I literally haven’t realized that in the 5 or so years I’ve known him we never hang out with any of his friends. I smoke a little and get completely stoned out of my mind.

5:00 pm – In the park. The sun is shining. My friend J. is opening up about some issues I’ve always known about but we never really talked about. And I’ve got a flask full of vodka. All is right with the world.

7:00 pm – The crew is heading back to D.’s apartment to order in since we couldn’t get a reservation for 12. I suddenly just want a mani-pedi and a massage. I come to a literal fork in the road and decide to dip to get my nails done.

7:45 pm – My regular spot can’t take me and I’m running out of options! I goto this really nice salon and they are able to squeeze me in for a polish change. This isn’t what I wanted but I’ll take it. $13

8:30 pm – The third and last party of the day starts at 9:00 pm. My friend M. texts me to see what I’m doing and I let him know I just finished getting my nails done & currently chilling at home. Turns out he’s in L.I.C. and pops on over to say hello. We go on a walk and we get ice cream from this cute lil shop I’ve always wanted to check out. (He pays)  

He gives me a massage in the park – who knew M. was a licensed masseuse??? I didn’t! After I’m feeling so relax I go home and sleep like a baby.

Daily Total: $16

Day 7: 6/16/2019

7:30 am – So glad it’s the weekend. I snooze for a bit.

7:45 am – Actually, I forgot I’m producing the services this Sunday. No time to snooze. I brush my teeth, throw an outfit together, call an uber (free99 because of my $10 credit!) and I’m out the door.

2:30 pm – All three services went great! I’m taking home a bouquet of flowers (I got one the last time I served so I’m hoping this is a regular thing!) and enjoy the beautiful weather.

4:00 pm – On my way home from church I window shop at Urban Outfitters. I am strong and I don’t purchase anything! But I am weak and my flowers makes me want to be a better plant now. I have a vase for my bouquet at home but I have a small plant that’s out grown it’s pot.

I buy a slightly larger one from a local florist shop owned by this adorable elderly woman. I would love to retire and have a floral shop. What a dream. $2

9:00 pm – I spent the day lounging in bed watching Youtube videos and journaling. Not a bad way to end a Sunday. Good night loves!

Daily Total: $2

Weekly Total: $98

Weekly Reflection:

GIRL WHAT! I spent $98 this week??? This has to be a mistake. I’m in shock. The funny thing is, I definitely splurged on haircare products and a manicure this week but some how still came in at under $100 this week? If you would have told me a year ago this was possible I would have laughed in your face. I think it is mainly due to the fact I paid all of my bills last week and didn’t get paid until Friday. Either way, this is entirely goals.

Moving forward I would like to have one under $100 week per month. And hey, this week alone is total proof that this shit is possible! Until next time my loves.

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