Can you believe it’s been 10 weeks of me writing these money blogs and sharing them in the blackhole that is the internet? Neither can I! In Week 10 I honestly just wish I was home in Michigan for my little brother’s graduation. I had to tell my family I couldn’t afford to go home because my brother didn’t know he if he was graduating until the final grades came in…a mere two weeks before the ceremony.

Any who. It was really hard for me to not just charge the flight to my credit card and head on the first flight home. But that’s the exact habit that got me in credit card debt in the first place. So we’re breaking habits this year and getting comfortable with the phrase “I cannot afford it”. Words I would have never uttered last year. Here’s for growth! Now let’s dive in to my last week spending habits.

See you next week!

Day 1: Monday 6/3/2019

5:30 am – I am up so early! It’s honestly because of lasts night’s pain killer and melatonin combo. I snooze until 6:30 am.

8:00 am – At the dentist bright and early! Who knew having a high bite could cause headaches? My regular dentist isn’t in but the dentist that helps me is nice and a new dad! We make small talk about his son and then I’m on my way.

9:00 am – Time for our monthly sales meeting! I have kombucha and my regular breakfast of diary-free yogurt, granola, and fruit. I basically eat throughout the whole meeting lol.

11:15 am – Trying to eat more protein so I have two boiled eggs as a pre-lunch snack. I have some time so I pay my rent, make a hair appointment, and my auto withdrawals come out of my account (tithe and Roth IRA) $1,390

12:15 pm – Ok so my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I cannot for the life of my finish this salad. I call myself “saving the rest” and head out for a walk. I love solo walks. Good to take the time and just reflect with your thoughts.

Y7 Yoga3:00 pm – So….I have chocolate ice cream and hazelnut wafers as a snack. It’s delicious. I also have popcorn, and two rice krispie treats. This is not aligned with my Teyana Taylor goals. I need to snack better.

6:30 pm – I’m in the office late finishing up some work. I have a Y7 yoga class at 7:00 pm right around the corner though so I don’t mind at all. I change and head over to the yoga studio.

8:15 pm – My goodness my body is so sore. I felt every ounce of ice cream and junk I ate today on the mat. Moving forward I’m making a conscious effort to eat healthier since I’m not drinking this month. Teyana Taylor body goals!

9:00 pm – I get home and shower immediately. For dinner, I have a quinoa bowl with hummus, teriyaki salmon, egg, spinach, and hummus. It’s delicious and oh so healthy.Dinner

10:30 pm – I do some light reading and writing before bed. I’m so exhausted I ended up passing out. But ironically as soon as I turn off the lights my mind starts racing. I end up taking a melatonin and I’m out by 11:30 pm. Good night!

Daily Total: $1,390

Day 2: Tuesday 6/4/2019

6:30 am – I am just oh so tired. I had a dream of going to the gym this morning but my body is not feeling it at all. I snooze until 7:00 am.

7:30 am – I have to be in the office early today because I’m leaving early for therapy. When I get to the subway the MTA says its 14 minutes to the next train. God is good and an unscheduled surprise train arrives!

8:30 am – My usual breakfast of dairy free yogurt, granola, and fruit! Yum!

11:00 am – I decide to force myself to eat 2 hard boiled eggs to get some protein in my diet. Turns out it’s not that bad! I’m going to try to make this a regular occurrence.

11:55 am – I’m oddly early for lunch? Usually, the line is long at this time. There must have been an email I’m not on. It’s nice to be first in line for a change! After lunch, I have back to back meetings until 2:00 pm.

3:00 pm – I decide to soak up some vitamin D and I sit on a bench in Madison Square Park for about 20 minutes. I’m leaving early today so I don’t want to be out too long.

4:30 pm – Therapy time! I don’t have much prepared so this session should be interesting. After the session, I realize I talk about my friend N. (who hasn’t spoken to me in 4 months?) a lot. I want to let him go. I make a conscious effort to talk about him less.

6:00 pm – After therapy, I decided to do a little retail therapy. I bought 3 blouses and a pair of shorts from Banana Republic Factory (always here for a good bargain! $85). I also stop at Trader Joe’s and by 2x kombuchas, eggs, asparagus, and 2x avocados ($25), and Target for some toilet paper and kleenex ($12). $122

8:30 pm – I’m home and make a quinoa bowl out of what I have in the fridge. Quinoa, an egg, salmon, and spinach with a drizzle of teriyaki sauce. It’s delicious!

9:45 pm – After dinner, I read Broke Millenial’s Guide to Investing by Erin Lowry. I try to finish the book but my eyes are so sleeeepy. I’m knocked out by 10:30 pm.

Daily Total: $122

Day 3: Wednesday 6/5/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! It’s gloomy out so I decide to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep in.

8:50 am – Took my time getting ready and get to walk to the train with my roomie M. for the first time this week! We see an adorable dog on the way to the train.

On the train, I listen to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast today’s episode is “The Universe Has Your Back”. I really needed this message!

11:30 am – I am LOVING my mid-morning snack of two boiled eggs. I’m really trying to eat more protein. And I’m doing a great job!

12:00 pm – I head downstairs for lunch and my coworker K. and I decide to sit outside. We have a BEAUTIFUL view of the Flat Iron building. I love working in this location. After lunch, I go for a walk in Madison Square Park.

2:30 pm – My coworker C. got a Flex Belt and has been REFUSING to use it. I decide I will be the guinea pig today. Especially since I didn’t make it to the gym this morning.

I get an email from Spotify with a $5 Amazon gift card for taking a survey a while back. I also get an email for 3 months of premium for $10. I couldn’t resist. I basically got 3 months for $5, right? $10

6:00 pm – I have a tough conversation in my church leadership group. It’s June and the church isn’t doing anything for Pride and that does not sit right with me. I decide to go to the gym instead of bible study after work.

8:30 pm – A good workout always lifts my spirits! I have a banana protein shake for dinner and curl up in bed to finish reading my investing 101 book.Broke Millennial Investing

10:30 pm – I’m having trouble sleeping because I just cannot believe how my church handled my pride question. It’s my ego puffing up here but I want to ensure my words and this dialogue is beneficial for the entire church and LGBTQ+ community.  I draft a response (I refused to be silenced!) and finally drift to sleep.

Daily Spend: $10

Day 4: Thursday 6/6/2019

7:05 am – Late morning for me today. So happy my kitty never lets me sleep in too late. I pack a bag of gym clothes for my volleyball team’s playoffs after work today. I do my regular routine of changing the kitty litter, feeding the kitty, and getting myself ready. I decide to wear one of my new outfits from Banana Republic Factory.

8:50 am – I listened to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast “The Universe Has Your Back” again. It’s oh so good. God is real as there is a prayer during the podcast–but my stop was coming up so I was hesitant to take a moment. The universe had the train stop underground the moment the prayer began and start moving again the moment the prayer ended. God is oh so intentional. Breakfast is the same old same old.

11:05 am – Really making these midmorning snacks a thing! I have two hard-boiled eggs.

12:00 pm – My workdad asks if I want to have lunch today! Yay! I’m so happy. We take our salads outside. Today in Madison Sq Park there are ants!

3:00 pm – Slow day at work today for me. So I pig out on office snacks. Brownies, mini twix bars, popcorn, whew child.

6:00 pm – Time to head to our volleyball playoffs! I’m so excited. On our way out I notice there’s free pizza in the kitchen. I stop for two slices and then run after my team to catch the elevator.

8:30 pm – Sadly, we lost the first two games so we’re eliminated. But it’s ok! We had so much fun playing. After the game, I go to check my phone and have a momentary freakout. I can’t find it anywhere! My friend allowed me to use Find My iPhone and turns out I left it in the office. Oh well, it’ll be there tomorrow. I decide to head home.

9:00 pm – I decide to watch the last episode of the Chernobyl mini-series before bed (breaking my no TV Mon-Thr rule!) cuddly with my kitty and fall asleep.

Daily Spend: $0

Day 5: Friday 6/7/2019

7:00 am – My roomie wakes me up this morning because no phone = no alarm clock. She has to be in the office early today so I do my usual routine and head to the train solo.

8:30 am – I always forget on Fridays I get to the office hella early if I leave my apartment at my usual time. I have fruit and avocado toast with eggs for breakfast.

12:00 pm – Sushi for lunch! And donuts for dessert. Happy national donut day! After lunch, my coworker K. and I go out for a walk about Madison Sq Park. It’s so nice out.

3:30 pm – The beer cart comes around the office and out of habit I get a Blue Moon. I completely forgot I wasn’t drinking this month. I asked around and finally found someone to take the beer off my hands! Thank you, P.!

5:00 pm – Hello weekend! I change for my 5:45 Y7 yoga class and head to Madison Square Park to do a little reading to kill time. Did I mention I’m doing the Sweat Fest challenge? Today’s artist is Kendrick Lamar. I work up a nice sweat (I’m soaked lol).

7:00 pm – Home and I take a quick shower. Feels so good! I put on my pjs and crawl into bed. I read on Buzzfeed that the Handmaids tale is back! After talking to Hulu’s customer service (they’re great btw) I finally get my account up and running. I resist the urge to eat ice cream in bed.

9:00 pm – Let’s be real. There’s no way I’m making it to my friend’s 11:30 pm dance party. I text her my regrets and prepare for an all-night binge-a-thon.

Daily Spend: $0

Day 6: Saturday 6/8/2019

9:00 am – Good morning! I start my day getting a shit ton of laundry done, cleaning the bathroom, and making a pretty amazing breakfast if I do say so myself. I then veg out and watch more Hulu programming. How long had my Hulu been broken? Lol. I’ve missed a whole season of Queen Sugar.

12:00 pm – My mom has been trying to get me to fly home for my brother’s open house next weekend but I can’t afford it this month. She offers to pay for it but I don’t feel comfortable with that. Anywho, I head to another Y7 yoga class to clear my head and align my chakras. This class is 2 Chainz!

1:30 pm – On my way back from class I run into my friend from church C. and have an impromptu hang session with her and her friend. We then run into my other friend J.! Everyone is just out and about today.

4:00 pm – Finally home and I am so ready for a nap. I do another load of laundry and then knock out.

7:40 pm – I wake up from my nap and start to get ready for my friend’s going away party. I’m so sad A. is leaving NYC! But so happy for him and his new career opportunity. I get to his apartment in Fort Greene and it turns out the location of the party was changed two days ago and its actually in Williamsburg. 15 minutes from my apartment…But still, I rise.


1:45 am – I’m having so much fun! It’s so nice to see everyone. Some of these people I legitimately have not seen in YEARS. I call a Lyft home and it’s Free99 because I have a $10 credit – SCORE!

2:30 am – I want a cigarette so I buy a pack. Did I mention I’m drunk? $13

Daily Spend: $13

Day 7: Sunday 6/9/2019

10:00 am – Good morning! I have a kombucha and somehow I’m still doing laundry lol. I make two fried eggs and toast for breakfast. Yum.

1:30 pm – I head out to meet my friend T. at Y7 for a yoga class. I didn’t think I would make it. But I survived! And my body is really starting to show some results from all my efforts. Working out is fun!

Almost_TT3:00 pm – After class T. and I walk around Williamsburg. We head to Juice Generation and while the healthy side of my brain wants a protein shake – the indulgent side of my brain does not. I get a peanut butter & banana smoothie. PB has protein, right?

I remember today’s my little brother’s high school graduation and I give him a quick FaceTime. While we walk to Sweet Green to meet our friend D. Wish I was home! $10

4:30 pm – I head home and it’s time to take out my box braids. Honestly, this is going to take forever. I get comfortable and finish watching She’s Gotta Have It. It’s so crazy how I relate so much to the main character.

Last summer I was in full hoe mode and this summer I’m just focusing on being me. Minus the serious relationship she had in between the two summers and the budding romance she has now.

I’m single AF. Not a dick in sight lol.

7:30 pm – I take a break to eat dinner since I finished She’s Gotta Have It. I have a quinoa bowl, teriyaki shrimp, asparagus, and an egg. Yum!

11:00 pm – Finally finish taking out my braids. Praise Jesus! I watch the latest Attack on Titan episode and fall asleep.

Daily Total: $10

Weekly Spend: $1,535 ($385 minus rent!)

Weekly Reflection

Well so much for not drinking this month! But the bright side is, I didn’t spend any money on alcohol AND I made it to my Y7 class the next day. That’s honestly the whole purpose of the alcohol cleanse: save money & get fit. So still I rise! This week in particular it was really hard because I missed my brother’s graduation. But I have to look at the bright side, technology allowed me to FaceTime him on his special day – so it’s kinda like I was there.

A weekly spend of $1,535 isn’t so bad when it takes into account I paid my rent and made some long term investments with the money. I’m happy I treated myself and did a little shopping. I want to be cognizant of how much “splurging” I do but I’m trying not to feel bad for treating myself. Especially since I purchased work clothes (as opposed to hoe clothes lol).

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