Expecting the Unexpected

When it comes to finances things can quickly pop up and add up! I learn the hard way this week as I had to pay for a healthcare expense out of pocket and battle with the guilt of not being able to afford a last minute airline ticket back home for my brother’s graduation. Through it all though I was able to stay on budget – large in part to my commitment to not drink alcohol this month! Here’s how I spent my shmoney this week.

Day 1: Monday 5/27/2019

11:00 am – Feeling oh so lazy but so happy it’s Memorial Day and I get to sleep in! I decide that today is the day I wax my vagina lol. It literally takes hours and I make plans with my friend J. to meet her at Sweet Vicious at 4:30 pm.

12:30 pm – I find these sandals I saw at Marshall’s on Bloomingdales.com and I MUST HAVE THEM. They didn’t have my size at Marshall’s but they do on the website. SCORE! (Pinching myself because I forgot to use my Bloomingdales gift card AGAIN) $55

4:00 pm – I am here hella early because why not. I grab a table at Sweet and Vicious and spend some quality time with myself while I wait for her. She brings me some lotion because my feet were looking so ashy. I buy our first round and we chit chat and shoot the shits. $25

7:30 pm – Our friend D. comes to joins us and wants to see this movie. I’m not into so we go to another bar instead and he covers this round. At this point, I’m wasted lol.Sweet and Vicious

10:15 pm – Oh, how I’ve missed my bed. I have work tomorrow and after this crazy drunk weekend getting back into the office is going to be oh so weird.

Daily Total: $80

Day 2: Tuesday 5/28/2019

6:30 am – I’m a zombie. SNOOZE!

8:45 am – I am so tired. I have a bagel with honey and butter because I need carbs to soak up all this alcohol. I am never drinking again.

12:00 pm – I have a salad for lunch. Slowly trying to come back to life but I am just oh so tired!

Why are Scorpios so..3:00 pm – Afternoon pick me up tea reads “Forgiveness is an act of consciousness” this speaks to my soul. I have been trying so hard to have a forgiving heart this year. As a Scorpio, it’s a struggle. I end up doing this lil challenge I see on the internet where you type into Google “why are [your sun sign] so…” and you see what it auto populates. Whew. Scorpios are tew much.

6:00 pm – And I’m out of here! I make a quick stop at Trader Joe’s to pick up some essentials: quinoa, spinach, hummus, pita chips, fruit sauce pack, fiber bars, kombucha, and a plant. $60

7:45 pm – Wow I miss coming home and just chilling. Not having any plans. Not seeing any friends. Just good ol’ fashion me time. I need to schedule these in my life. I decide to have breakfast for dinner – yum!

9:00 pm – These Vince Camuto sandal’s I saw at Marshall’s are at Bloomingdale’s for the same price. Best of all? They actually have my size! Score! $55

10:30 pm – Good night!

Daily Total: $105

Day 3: Wednesday 5/29/2019

I forgot to microblog but it’s ok! According to my credit card bill, the only thing I purchased was beer for my dinner party $15

Oh and I finally got my roommate Madeline to come! I had 3 beers and got so wasted. Ugh.

Daily Total: $15

Day 4: Thursday 5/30/2019

6:00 am – Good morning! I am feeling well rested but kinda hungover at the same time? I head to the gym and FINALLY begin to feel like myself. I am really starting to see the difference in my body from working out.

9:00 am – In the office and have avocado toast with egg and some fruit for breakfast. I noticed my avocados at home were realllll squishy so I thought it would be best to bring them in. My friend T. texted me last night to see if I would be down for another Y7 class it’s the push I need to buy Y7’s June Sweat Feast package and dedicate myself to a sober and fitness-focused June! $169

11:40 am – My coworker and I head to Essn to grab some soup to go with our salads. I’m SO FULL from the soup I barely even touch my salad. Smfh. He pays.

3:00 pm – I get an account with one of my work friends! I am so excited to start working with her.

5:30 pm – I have a volleyball game tonight but I forgot my clothes at home (just like I forgot them for yoga at work on Tuesday. What is up with me this week?) and it’s about to rain so I just call it a day.

8:00 pm – I eat my leftover salad from lunch and have the rest of my scallop pasta. I watch Dr. Brene Brown’s Netflix special and I am just completely in awe of this woman. She recites an amazing quote from Theodore Roosevelt:

“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

9:30 pm – And I’m out like a light. Good night!

Daily Total: $169

Day 5: Friday 5/31/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! I took today off work so I can attend this Facebook event today. It’s such a beautiful day out! I shower make eggs and toast for breakfast and head out the door. I take the NYC Ferry today instead of the train. (It’s annoying that the fare is the same price but they don’t accept metrocards!)  $3

8:00 am – I have to break the news to my family that I’m not going to be able to come home for my brother’s graduation. It sucks. But I had two large expenses this week and I’m not adding a flight to go home next weekend as a third.

9:45 am – I get to the event and it’s at a BEAUTIFUL venue. I grab a couple of fancy water bottles and take notes.Facebook Event

12:45 pm – I decide to take the ferry back home because it’s just so gorgeous out! I learn it’s also Gov Ball weekend. It’s so crazy when I was 21 I went to every single music festival, now I’m so aloof. $3

2:00 pm – I get home change and run back out quickly. I head to CVS to get my prescriptions ($28 I will be reimbursed for this) and to the grocery store to pick up some protein. I get cooked shrimp, raw shrimp, salmon, and a bag of chips ($23). $51

Once I start cooking I realize the cooked shrimp I got is no good. Annoyed – but I don’t feel like going back to the store. I make a quinoa bowl (spinach, salsa, quinoa, and shrimp) it’s delicious! I also make a batch of broccoli in the oven for dinner.

4:15 pm – I meet my friend J. at Something Sweet. I get an ice cream cone and a bottle of water. We then walk over to LIC park and lay out in the sun and catch up. So nice to see her! She pays cause I bought her a drink last time we hung out.

6:30 pm – I was supposed to volunteer tonight but I’m exhausted! I end up going to a yoga class instead. Afterward, I shower and book my three Y7 yoga classes for the week. I also noticed I got paid so I move $400 to my savings.

9:30 pm – In bed and watching this weeks episode of Chernyobl. Such a good show! I’m in for the night.

Daily Total: $57

Broke Millennial InvestingDay 6: Saturday 6/1/2019

8:00 am – Good morning! So happy it’s the weekend and I can sleep in. I’ve been spending a lot of $$$ this week so I am going to aim for a zero spend day today. I snuggle in bed and read Broke Millennial Takes On Investing by Erin Lowry.  

11:30 pm – After a relaxing morning of nothing. I head out to continue reading my book in the park. It’s en route to my dentist appointment so I figure I might as well soak up some vitamin D.

1:30 pm – So much for it being a zero spend day. My fillings are expensive, and I need to get this done 3 more times. At least my HSA will reimburse me. Praise God. $251

4:30 pm – My friend connects me with a family she sits for! I’m happy to be adding a new family to my roster. I’m booked for 6:30 pm so I eat a quick linner (lunch/dinner) at home.

5:00 pm – My roomies M. and T.  want to have a quick drink. I’m not drinking but I don’t mind hanging out for a bit before heading to my gig. We decide on Berry Park since it’s on the way to my babysitting gig and a cool spot.

A guy I know on Instagram sees me…and instead of coming talking to me in the moment he messages me afterward and asks if I’m still at Berry Park…creepy! I already left!

7:30 pm – This new family is just one 6-year-old girl and she is SO CUTE! We walk to the grocery store to buy her some kid’s mac n cheese for dinner and cookies for dessert. We play Jenga for a bit and then I help her shower, do her hair, and read her a story. She’s sleeping by 8:30 pm. Easy night! I will definitely be back again if the family will have me.

1:30 am – Her parents just get home. They graciously call me a cab and I’m out like a light when I get home. I may or may not have fallen asleep on their couch.

Daily Total: $251

Day 7: Sunday 6/2/2019

8:00 am – Good morning! I usually love sleeping in on the weekends but I quickly realize if I stay in bed any longer I’ll be late to volleyball practice!

10:00 am – So thankful my company paid for us to have this beach volleyball practice on the pier. It’s so nice! Feeling so blessed.

11:45 am – Afterwards we decide to keep the party going so head to City Vineyard for some drinks. It’s also on the water and is so nice! I’m not drinking at the moment so I have eggs and potatoes and water. I leave the party early to head to my Y7 class in Williamsburg. $13

1:30 pm – So I’m halfway to my destination only to be confronted with the fact that the MTA has failed me and there’s NO WAY I’m making it to my Y7 class in time if I wait for the L train. In a last-ditch effort, I call a Lfyt but sadly arrive at 2:12 pm. I missed the class but the front desk lady is nice and gives me a sticker for the class and refunds the class to my account. I’m a happy camper!

My friend T. is in the class so I facetime my bff A. while I wait for her to get out.

3:30 pm – T. and I head to Gran Tornio. I’ve been dying to go to this place and it does not disappoint! I order a pretzel for us to share and we chat about life and finances. $4

4:45 pm – On my way home I run into A. from my dinner party! We hug and I chat about how I was attempting to make it to church today. Lol. It’s not happening. I go home and take a nap.

7:00 pm – I wake up from my nap with a massive headache. I reheat the veggie samosas and broccoli I made the other day and force myself to eat. Who knew your “bite” could have such an impact on your head? I call the dentist and schedule an appointment for first thing tomorrow.

I take a Tylenol and melatonin and knock out by 9:00 pm.

Daily Total: $17

Weekly Total: $694

Weekly Reflection:

So at this point, I’m thinking about returning the sandals…I cannot believe I spent $700 this week! Granted there was an out of the ordinary purchase for $169 on a fitness pass and $251 on my dental bill…hm, actually after that a $274 week is actually aligned with where I would like to be. It’s interesting how expenses can randomly just pop up such healthcare and really just shot our budgets to shit.

Although I’m supposed to see my dentist later this month I am more than likely going to have to reschedule until my HSA reimburses me for this week’s visit. It sucks that I can just have all this work done as soon as possible but pacing myself is the financially responsible course of action here.

Moving forward, I am trying to prioritize making all these smart financial decisions and really taking my time to execute things in a way that is most beneficial to me. Ironically enough, I actually haven’t received any of my reimbursements from my HSA but because the purchases have been so affordable I hadn’t even noticed. Let me get on the phone with the HSA people right now. See you next week!

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