Whew, I’m not sure what’s going on with me. I don’t know why I am posting this so late but I do want to be consistent in my writing so here you go fam. I’m late, but I’m trying!


Day 1: Monday 5/13/2019

To be honest I don’t really know what I did on Monday. I dropped the ball! Sorry guys!

Daily Spend: $0

Day 2: Tuesday 5/14/2019

6:38 am – Gym time! I love having this special time in the morning to just start my day off right.

9:15 am – At work and I have my usual breakfast: non-dairy yogurt, granola, and fruit.

11:50 am – Lunchtime! I have a salad. It is delicious. I swear food tastes better when it’s free.

4:30 pm – Leaving the office early for a doctor’s appointment. It’s my new OB-GYN. I’ve recently decided to be celibate so I don’t really need anything in terms of birth control. But it’s been two years since my last pap smear so here we go!

9:30 pm – Still feeling very full from all the snacks I ate at work. So I cuddle up in bed, read, and go to sleep.

Daily Spend: $0

Day 3: Wednesday 5/15/2019

6:15 am – Good morning! I’m dragging my feet going to the gym but finally make it at 6:38 am. I love to start my day with sweat.

7:15 am – On my way out of the gym I run into a guy I went on two dates with back in January. I high tail it out of there without waiting for my roommate. Sorry girl!

8:50 am – On my commute I listen to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast and this one is all about pain. Our guest pastor JUST preached on this. God is telling me something.

At the office and I realize I haven’t been thinking of the homeless. I make a mental note to be more giving.

9:20 am – So every morning one of the directors on my floor plays one song. Today it’s Family Affair by Mary J Blige! Today is going to be a good day.

3:00 pm – I have some time today since a client call got pushed back. Since I got paid today I decide to comb through my finances. I give my tithe to my church, make my IRA contribution, and make a $350 payment to my Chase credit card. $605

7:30 pm – Pick up beer for my dinner party tonight. $17

10:45 pm – Home and my roomie is making cookies! Delicious

12:45 am – I end up on the phone with my friend who lives in LA because we’re both concerned about one of our mutual friends. We agree that I will say something when I see him this weekend. I’m exhausted but I still read a little before bed. Good night!

Daily Total: $622

6:15 am – Gym is not happening this morning. I’d rather sleep instead.

8:15 am – My roommate M left me a note and two cookies on the counter this morning. So sweet! My landlord also had very kind words for me this morning. I’m feeling so loved! A tad late leaving the apartment but oh well!

8:45 am – Still manage to get to work on time. Hallelujah!

12:00 pm – Lunch today and I’m also feeling very popular (mainly because I asked a lot of people to sit with me today lol). It was good. Went on a brisk walk after with my coworkers S. & S.

5:55 pm – And I’m out of here! I head straight home. I’m cutting it very close to my Y7 yoga class tonight

7:00 pm – Called a Lyft to my yoga class. It’s my first time taking their 75 minute class and I definitely am feeling the extra 15 minutes. I’m SO sweaty, and tired, and energized all at the same time.

On my walk back home I run into my old college friend P. turns out he lives in Williamsburg now. We make tentative plans to get drinks next week. Excited to have a new friend in the area!

8:30 pm – I make avocado toast and fried eggs for dinner. Delicious! After I take a shower, brush my teeth, and crawl into bed to read Money Diaries. I also decide to make a $100 payment on my student loans (currently in deferment). $100

Daily Total: $100

Day 5: Friday 5/17/2019

6:30 am – I wake up to another sweet text from my roomie! Makes me feel so good. I decide to lay in bed and cuddle with my cat and finish the last 10 pages of my book. There’s a statistic that if you save $28 a day you’ll have $10,000 saved in one year. I transfer $28 to my savings. ($28)

8:15 am – Running ahead of schedule since I didn’t go to the gym this morning. I run into my neighbor in the subway and we commute together. Always nice to see a familiar face!

11:55 am – Me and my coworker K. head down for lunch. Fridays are our catered lunch days and today its pizza!!! Yummy. I want to go on a walk but it’s raining so I say inside and prepare for my weekly meeting with my manager.

4:45 pm – Beer time! I grab a beer from the kitchen and chug it so I can leave at 5:00 pm. On my way out I grab pizza slices from lunch, fill a sandwich bag with trail mix, and take 3 Rice Krispie treats. I love working in tech so much!

6:30 pm – God has answered my prayers and it did not rain on my way home from work. I think about going to my gyms yoga class but I’m still so tired from Y7 yesterday so I stay in and paint my nails instead. I make a micropayment to my credit card company for the amount of a mani-pedi ($40). I also Zelle pay my friend for the Airbnb for last weekend’s wedding ($52).  $92

9:30 pm – I have cereal for dinner and start watching Chernobyl. So good! Good night!

Daily Total: $92

Day 6: Saturday 5/18/2019

8:30 am – Good morning! I wake up and start cleaning my apartment. It’s been so long since I’ve seen my desk! I have a blueberry yogurt (dairy free of course) for breakfast. Time flies and before I know it I’m running late to my dentist appointment.

1:30 pm – So on the bright side I didn’t die from drowning in my own spit and blood. But the reality is I need a lot of work done in my mouth. My dentist prescribed me toothpaste $10 (will be reimbursed for this later)

2:30 pm – I attempt to meet up with a friend after. But by the time we get together I’m so hangry I just want to go home lol. We make plans to hang next weekend and I decide to multiple $28 x 12 so I can just save it and forget it ($334).

6:30 pm – After eating leftover pizza from work I pass out! I wake up just in time to accept a last-minute babysitting gig in Williamsburg. It’s a new family so I’m very happy to be expanding my roster.

11:30 pm – Just got home and I’m supposed to meet my friend at a party. I’m sleepy and decide to rain check and call it a night.

Daily Total: $10

Day 7: Sunday 5/19/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! It’s a rough one this morning because I stayed up really late watching Netflix. I clean my apartment a little and before I know it it’s 7:20 am! I showered and rush to church.

8:03 am – Whew, what a blessing. I’m only a full 18 minutes late…lol. I start setting up for production and say I prayer I get mentally prepared to produce 3 back to back services.

3:15 pm – We did it! Today was such a success I am so grateful for my production crew.

3:45 pm – Home safe and I crawl into bed and order some essentials. Cat food, hard wax (for my at home Brazilians), and the Broke Millennial Takes On Investing. $41

6:30 pm – Gym time! I love working out of the weekends because I can stay and get my sweat on for HOURS! In the mornings, I’m usually tight for time. I run 3 miles and do some exercises.  

9:30 pm – After a shower, I opt out of dinner because I have no idea what to eat. I’m trying (albeit unsuccessful) to lose weight and tone up. I’ll get there one day! I brush my teeth with my Rx toothpaste and watch the series finale of Game of Thrones. It’s disappointing, to say the least.

Daily Spend: $41

Weekly Total: $824

Weekly Reflection:

I am SO PROUD of my zero to spend Monday and Tuesday. It’s hard to not spend money so frivolously – especially in NYC. Overall, I spent a lot of money this week on debt repayment – but I saved a lot of money too! I actually consulted my debt repayment planner and I am WAAAY ahead of schedule. At this rate, I may be able to be completely (credit card) debt free by November! That would be a great birthday present from me to me. Sorry for the delay in posting this guys! See you soon! 

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