This is the first week in which I used a credit card RESPONSIBLY. Has anyone else ever look at the credit card statement and thought, “This is clearly fraud, I did not spend this much money.” That was me with every credit card for the past 3 years! In fact, I think the government should require warning labels be added to every card. I’m thinking BEWARE: A 27% INTEREST RATE – SWIPE RESPONSIBLY.  Should suffice. In other news, our hero Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for credit card regulations. It would cap interest rates at 15%. Which honestly is more than fair, I hope the government rallies behind her and pushes this bill through.

Anywho, here’s how I spent my money this week!

Day 1: Monday 5/6/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! I wanted to go to the gym but I’m so tired after staying up late last night to watch Game of Thrones. Last night episode was SO GOOD!

7:00 am – Oops! Forgot to clean the bathroom last weekend. So before I take a shower I clean the bathroom because my roomie cleaned last weekend and fair is fair!

8:00 am – God is showing me so much favor this morning! Caught both trains and waited less than 2 minutes! Come thru MTA! This morning I listen to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast about a woman who grew up with an abusive brother. Not as uplifting as the usual conversations but it’s amazing to know she made it to the other side and now has a successful career as an author.

9:00 am – I stopped at CVS to get some kombucha to go with my breakfast but my appetite is funny this morning and I prefer tea. Luckily, I remembered my 20% off coupon this time! $3

10:30 am – I have a wedding this weekend on my friend’s farm in upstate New York. I buy my AmTrak ticket there and coordinate a ride back to Brooklyn. $39

12:02 pm – Lunch time! My friend R. and I sit together. I’m so happy because usually, she eats lunch at her desk. O. sits with us too and it’s nice to have a community of black people in the office. After lunch, I go for a walk by myself and run into my coworker S. we end up walking together and having a pleasant conversation.

3:15 pm – “Eat healthy snacks, eat healthy snacks” the little voice inside my head echos. I end up getting a bowl of trail mix and 4 min Twix bars. My inner voice is disappointed.

5:35 pm – Getting out a little early today but the MTA has other plans! I end up taking the wrong train and it takes me over an hour to get home. In the meantime, I finish the Super Soul Podcast from this morning and listen to my church podcast message from last Sunday.

7:05 pm – And I’m running to make it to my 7:00 pm fitness class but I make it just in time. Whew. This class is a lot harder than I remember. I stay after for yoga and my roomie M. heads home.

9:30 pm – Having a human body is the most humbling thing our spiritual selves can experience. I currently have a scab on my foot and knee, AND I have a cyst on my inner thigh. Ugh. I’m disgusted. I put some Neosporin on my scabs and tea tree oil on my cyst and cover myself in bandaids.

I’m pretty exhausted after class so I eat some leftovers crawl into bed and fall asleep. Good night my loves!

Daily Total: $42

Day 2: Tuesday 5/7/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! I’m tired and the gym doesn’t happen this morning. I spend the first hour of my day cleaning my apartment like the neat freak I truly am.

8:00 am – En route to my j-o-b. My roomie M. and I walk to the train together and I relisten my church’s podcast on the train. This podcast is the first of our 2-month relationship series and your girl is SO READY. I struggle with intimate relationships and currently not dating because feelings really stress me out – plus I can never commit to just one man!

8:45 am – Dairy-free yogurt, granola, banana, and blueberry breakfast this morning. Yum!  

11:50 am – I just missed the shrimp yesterday so I head to lunch super early today to ensure I get some. It’s delicious. I go on a walk with my coworker D. and chat about life.

2:15 pm – After an hour-long meeting – that was actually pretty interesting! I decide to go on another walk with my other coworker D. She gets a matcha and introduces me to this place called ChaCha. It’s pretty cute! I will be back here.

4:15 pm – I’m leaving early today for a therapy session! Right on time too because I had such a weird dream last night featuring a bunch of men I used to fuck/date? Life is so weird. I also spend some time updating my babysitter profile on Urbansitter and applying to jobs.

5:45 pm – Towards the end of my therapy session we grazed the topic of my intimacy issues. I looked at my phone, then my therapist, and said “Well, it looks like we’re out of time!” and happily skipped right on out of the office.

6:00 pm – At TJ Maxx and I pick up some lotion, mouthwash, 2x sports bras and 2x pairs of leggings! Annoyed I’m spending money but for the most part, it’s necessities. I’ve been working out a lot lately and noticed some days I can’t workout because I’m out of clothes. I also pick up a $25 gift card for my Mom for Mother’s Day. $85

7:15 pm – At Trader Joe’s and I get a few avocados, spinach, quinoa, 3x kombuchas, frozen chocolate covered bananas and strawberries, frozen Indian dinners, frozen Indian bread (it’s not naan but something else!), my fruit squeeze pouches in apple-mango, and new plant for the bathroom. Whew, that’s a lot. $43

8:30 pm – Home and kinda want to go to the gym, but it’s about to rain and I can’t find my keys (they have my gym pass attached to them). I decide to stay inside and have a mini spa day. My period is 5 days away but my acne is already acting up! Not today blemishes!

9:30 pm – Crawling in bed and wow. My allergies have been so bad all day. I add Zytec to my vitamin mix and read my bible app before falling asleep. Good night!

Daily Total: $128

Day 3: Wednesday 5/8/2019

6:15 am – I somehow manage to snooze until 6:15 am. By the time I get to the gym it’s 6:45 am. Let’s go cardio! A little sad I don’t have time for anything else but it’s warm out so the sun makes me happy.

8:45 am – By the time I get to the office it’s freezing! I’m wearing a short sleeve blouse and a skirt which I regret. But hopefully it warms up a little this afternoon.

11:50 am – Lunch time! I have a salad – of course. After lunch I go on a walk with a few of my coworkers. Thankfully, it’s warmed up! Thank you God. I have 3 mini Twix. I was feeling guilty so I googled and they’re only 50 calories. Woohoo!

2:37 pm – I send my first follow up email to a client and make some optimizations to their account. It’s great to finally have things to do at work. Really excited for the future of this partnership.

6:30 pm – I arrive at the Digital and Social Media Strategies workshop at Fiverr and it’s so funny I’ve seen this woman speak before but I simply cannot place her. I take some notes and I’m feeling super re-energized when it comes to my business.

7:30 pm – Gotta leave the event early to get to my dinner party on time! I bring beer to share with the group. $15

10:30 pm – Always exhausted after dinner party. Good night!

Daily Total: $15

Day 4: Thursday 4/9/2019

6:15 am – Rise and shine! Today is the day I finally get my roomie to come with me to the gym before work. I’m so happy I am able to be a positive influence in her life and that we’re able to hit the gym together.

8:50 am – The G train was super delayed this morning so I am a wee behind getting into the office. I gave a homeless man a dollar on my way in and I’m happy I’m able to brighten his day.

11:50 am – You know what I’m having for lunch today! Salad salad salad yum. After lunch I go for a walk with my coworker and then head back into the office for a 1:00 pm meeting.

3:00 pm – Snack time! Trail mix to stay healthy and curb the sweet cravings. Also had some Lay’s baked BBQ chips.

While chilling in the Fun Room I spot some left over company branded pjs. About a month or so we had a pajama party at work and they gave us all pjs. I grab two extra sets, one for granny and one for my mama. Happy Mother’s Day!

6:30 pm – I somehow end up at Marshall’s again and I end up purchasing a mug for my Granny, a glass for my mom, a mother’s day card, a prayer journal, natural deodorant, and natural face wash. Whew. It was a lot, but mostly gifts for the women who gave me everything and necessities for myself so it’s worth it. $30

7:30 pm – I meet my friend S. for dinner and she brings a few of her friends. Turns out she made this very impromptu last minute trip to New York because one of her friend’s died. Unfortunately, there’s an investigation into his death so the family can’t even have a proper funeral. She’s had so much death in her life, I’m happy she’s still able to smile and have a good time! $18

8:30 pm – After dinner we head back to her friends apartment to hang for a bit before the comedy show. It was fun and I realize I’ve been here before! I’m happy S. has the same good ol’ friends around her. (Embarrassing I forgot I met them already lol)

9:30 pm – I try to sweet talk my way into the comedy show but it doesn’t work. Oh, well! I say bye to S. and take the subway home. Good night!

Daily Total: $48

Day 5: Friday 4/10/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! I have an extremely long day today so I’m up and moving bright and early. No time to spare!

8:30 am – I head to the post office before work to mail my mom’s Mother’s Day present. It’s ridiculously expensive because I had to buy a box. $34

9:15 am – Werk, werk, werk. *Rihanna voice*

11:50 am – It’s time for lunch! And since it’s Friday we have catered Indian food. It’s so yummy! I send a quick text to my roomies to see if they want me to bring home any leftovers and then head for a quick walk with one of my coworkers.

2:30 pm – It’s Friday. We’re playing ping pong.

4:45 pm – Having a beer at work and debating having another. I decide not to since when I get home I have to run around like a crazy person until 10:45 pm.

6:30 pm – Home and packing for my friend T.’s wedding in Hudson, NY. He told us to wear boots but it’s a wedding! So I packed two dress options and heels. Plus I throw a bunch of granola and protein bars in my bag for the trip. I’m squeezing in my church’s Daughters event into my agenda as well so I quickly purchase my ticket and head out the door. $12


7:30 pm – At Daughters and living my best life. Our guest pastor preaches about how people work so hard to have perfect lives on the outside they wonder why they’re miserable and its because they didn’t get the first relationship right. The relationship with Jesus! There are no missed opportunities! Just situations that were not apart of God’s plan for you.

10:05 pm – Daughters is over and I just found my 10:45 pm Amtrak crew. My friend D. calls an uber and A. and myself decide to take the MTA because we’re just one stop away. Once we get to Penn Station I’m starving and I check out the two pizza places. Can you believe Pizza Hut is charging $6 for a SLICE? The other pizza place is charging $3 for a SLICE. This is NYC! A slice of pizza is $1.

I opt to save my money and have a protein bar (that I packed from home) instead.

I ended up sleeping most of the train ride there. Good night!

Daily Total: $46

Day 6: Saturday 4/11/2019

7:30 am – Good morning! Today is the day T. is getting married! I’m so excited, I don’t even remember the last time I saw this man. The wedding doesn’t start until 4:00 pm so decide to head out to breakfast as a group before.IMG_0049

12:15 pm – We arrive at Bob’s Diner and it is NOT what we had expected. Talk about country living. I order the french toast with blueberries and a side of scrambled eggs. I swear the blueberries look like caviar eggs. I am confused. But it was ok and hella cheap! The minimum is $10 so I pay for myself and D., and my friend L. because I owe her $$$. $33

3:00 pm – So we’re actually supposed to be at the wedding at 3:00 pm. We’re piling into the car, taking last minute photos, fixing our and pregaming the wedding in J.’s mini van. It’s about to be a fun night.IMG_0052

3:25 pm –  We’re here and the wedding is SO beautiful! Please see pictures below:

7:45 pm – I’m so drunk. This is so fun!

9:30 pm – Ok time to go home, I’m taking some wine for the road.

10:15 pm – Back at the airbnb and D. orders pizza! I ate 6 slices. Goodnight!

Daily Total: $33

Day 7: Sun 4/12/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! I’m so young I don’t get hangovers. Blessed! And I started my period. Back to sleep I go.

11:30 am – We’re up, we’re dressed, we’re packed, and the airbnb is clean! We all pile in the car and are ready to get on the road but first! Food. We stop at a little bakery and I order an egg and cheese sandwich, 2 apple cider donuts, and warm cider. $8

12:15 pm – We’re shuffling cars. Why we don’t just leave with the people we came with is beyond me. We drop D. & D. off and then we go to pick up these 2 girls I don’t know. We wait foreverrrrr.

3:45 pm – Still on the road. These girls talk a lot. I’m sleeping for the most part.

6:15 pm – Finally home! I unpack my bag and cuddle with my kitty until bed. So happy to be home! I start my laundry so I can be a productive adult.

10:00 pm – Game of Thrones and sleep. Goodnight!

Daily Total: $8

Weekly Total: $320

Weekly Reflection:

I am surprised how good I was with my finances this week! The entire week I was hyper aware of the money I was spending because I was utilizing my American Express Delta rewards credit card. Usually, I just swipe my debit card, but now that I am able to have a routing balance on my AmEx I want to take advantage and rack up some points. I definitely struggle with overspending when I am using credit cards so I was scared I was going to slip again. Honestly, I was checking the credit card balance every other day and was expecting the balance to be $800+ because that’s how it feels when I overspend. Like all of a sudden the balance is just so high! And I have no recollection of what I bought.

So happy with my progress and looking forward to keeping up the good habits next week.

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