Hi y’all! So this week I thought I was hella constipated only to realize that I’ve just been eating a shit ton of beans and I was confusing the excess gas in my belly with the feeling of constipation. Don’t ask. Hence this week’s name: Beans & Bloat. Financially speaking it was a pretty responsible week! I’m realizing this is turning into a micro weekly blog and not so much a “money diary” in the traditional sense. I’m wondering what I should call this and what shape it’ll take in the future?

Only God knows!

Any who, here’s how I spent my money and lived my life this week. See you guys soon!

Money / Life / Random Things Diary Week 5

Day 1: Monday 4/29/2019

6:30 am – I’m up! I take a shower and get ready for the day. The sun is shining but the forecast says it’s going to be 55 degrees. I live on the edge and dress for the sun. My roomie and I walk to the train together and I listen to Oprah interviewing Melinda Gates on her Super Soul Conversations podcast.

8:45 am – My homeless friend isn’t here but I give the banana to another man in need. In the words of Michael B from Oprah’s Soul Super Conversations podcast, how can I bring a bit of heaven to earth every day? I have my usual breakfast of dairy-free yogurt, fruit, and granola.

10:15 am – I forgot to put on mascara this morning so I step out to head to CVS and guess who I run into? My former colleague Lucie Fink.

Also….prepare for TMI….I’ve been feeling bloated so I buy some laxatives as well. $15

12:00 pm – Lunch time! I eat with my work dad and some other coworkers. He had one hell of a weekend lol. No walk today because it’s just too damn cold.

4:00 pm – Snacking on trail mix with extra almonds to get my fiber intake up. Trying to eat a more balanced diet for sure.

6:30 pm – I get home and I’m so exhausted I decide to skip my evening cardio and yoga class. It’s just so cold and I realized 90% of my exercise clothes are dirty so I do some laundry. Since I’m doing my laundry and not sending it out to get done I make a micropayment to my Chase Credit Card bill. $20

Sweet Green 2

8:00 pm – I warm up my homemade Sweet Green inspired warm fish taco bowl and curl up to watch Game of Thrones. This week’s episode is SO GOOD! I am so happy I’m breaking my no tv on weekdays rule. I also take another laxative and I’m sleepin by 9:30 pm. Good night!

Daily Spend: $35

Day 2: Tuesday 4/30/2019

4:18 am – So I’m up vomiting from all the laxatives I took yesterday. 10 years ago I was taking anywhere from 3-8 laxatives a day and vomiting on a regular basis. Old habits die hard and I regret getting the laxatives and make a conscious decision not to go back to that space again. I tried to flush them but I couldn’t. Ugh.

6:30 am – I draft a “4/30 Sick” email to send to my boss. But I know if I stay home I’m just going to binge eat and take laxatives so I go to work. I put a banana in my backpack for my homeless friend and decide to listen to 2 Dope Queens interviewing Michelle Obama on my way to work.

8:45 am – I didn’t see any homeless people on my way to work today! What a blessing. For breakfast today I switch it up and have a bagel and some fruit since I’m quite literally empty on the inside.

12:00 pm – Lunch time! I have a salad, of course, and I decide to sit with the new guy because he was sitting all by himself at lunch.

4:15 pm – We’re celebrating some birthdays in the office! Woohoo! I eat 4 cookies….ugh, I can feel my little eat disorder rearing its ugly head but still I rise! I decide I’m going to flush the laxatives for real this time when I get home. Everyone slips. It’s ok. I still look great.

6:00 pm – I’m meeting my friend at the Forbes Hiring for Inclusivity event tonight in their offices. I’m super excited to get an inside look into Forbes, plus I’ve haven’t seen this friend since she moved back home to NYC! (She was in SF for a year it sucked)Forbes 2

10:08 pm – The event was great! I met a lady who switched from growth marketing to product – which is exactly what I’m trying to do! She invited me to a Product Manager even going on tomorrow so I hope to keep in touch with her. My friend and I bond and take a scenic stroll throughout Washington Square Park. No gym for me today so I decided to walk home from the L Bedford Avenue stop.

Once I’m home I have a jury duty check in the mail. I deposit it and make a micropayment to my Chase credit card. I’m getting pretty good with this micropayment thing! Good night!  $40

Daily Spend: $40

Day 3: Wednesday 5/1/2019

6:15 am – Good morning! I’ve been letting my kitty sleep with me at night so he’s right next to me when I wake up. We cuddle for a little bit and I have drag myself to the gym. I arrive at 6:40 am so I only have time for cardio. Back home and getting ready by 7:00 am.

8:45 am – My roomie is finally back from Sweden. I know it can get confusing. I live in a 4-bedroom and there’s 3 of us girls and one guy – who is quite literally the odd man out. We all get ready together and walk to the train. I give a banana to a homeless man and notice I actually haven’t seen my homeless friend all week. For breakfast, I have the usual, dairy-free yogurt, fruit, and granola!

10:00 am – My boss is still in LA and none of my clients have emailed me back so I don’t have much to do. I decide to fill out my planner for the month of May and get ahead of my financial goals. It’s a hefty undertaking but I pay ALL my bills and my rent! $1,393

12:15 pm – I go down for lunch and a girl loves her salads! I sit with the new guy again and a few of my co-workers join me.

3:25 pm – I’m trying to be good since I had a million cookies yesterday! For a snack, I have a granola bar, trail mix, and 2x mini Twix (I can’t help myself!).

5:30 pm – Peace out losers! Lol. I have All-In Team night with my church tonight so I need to kill some time. I head to Michael’s to pick up some accessories for my hair and Urban Outfitters because….I’m addicted. $65

7:45 pm – WOOHOOO ALL IN TEAM NIGHT! The Pastor always asks for the leader to stand up for applause but I never do because I’m shy and nervous. My church is kicking off a relationship series and I am SO ready for this. Since embracing celibacy for the umteenth million time I’m ready to hear all the advice they have when it comes to building romantic relationships sans sex.

10:05 pm – This was by far the craziest commute ever. The L train is on a new schedule where it runs every 20 minutes so it was PACKED. I ended up meeting a girl that lives in my building and goes to my church. Plus running into another friend from church and having our friend spot us on the bus and jump up and down like a mad woman until we spotted her. LMAO.

Daily Total: $1,458

Day 4: Thursday 5/2/2019

6:00 am – I am awake but I feel soooo tired. I make it a point to do more that just cardio at the gym this morning so in an attempt to get there early I arrive at 6:35 am. Ending up running 2 miles and doing some weightlifting but terribly behind schedule and get home at 7:17 am.

8:15 am – My roomie and I are running so behind today. It’s going to be 70 degrees! She was wearing a velvet tunic so she had to change again and I’m just running 15 minutes behind because gym.

9:05 am – I’m at work basically on time and God is so good because my manager isn’t in yet! She caught the red-eye from LA last night so she’s sleeping in and coming in at 11:00 am. I have my regular breakfast but because I’m later than usual there’s not a lot of fruit left so I double up on some granola.

11:55 am – I’m optimizing my time and getting to lunch early because I have a client call at 1:00 pm. It’s actually nice being so early because there’s still shrimp! Usually by the time I get here the shrimp is long gone. I go on a walk with my coworkers and bask in the 70-degree weather.

1:00 pm – Meeting rescheduled. *kayne shrug* I’m going back outside!

6:00 pm – I have a volleyball game with my company today at 7:00 pm. I make a quesadilla in the kitchen (gotta take advantage of this free food!) and change into my gym clothes. We decide to have a beer before the game. $10

9:30 pm – Sadly we lost the game. But I had a lot of fun playing! I do some research regarding building wealth and decided to make a deposit to my Roth IRA account and to set up recurring deposits on the 1st and 15th of every month. Here’s to compound interest! $50

Daily Total: $60

Day 5: Friday 5/3/2019

6:00 am – Good morning world! I usually don’t work out on Friday mornings but I am feeling refreshed and ready to hit the gym! I a bit behind schedule and I’m out of there by 7:15 am. Beyonce is truly the best gym motivation.

8:30 am – I’m at the doctor’s because I need to have my blood drawn for my annual labs. It’s pretty chill and I’m in and out in a jiffy!

9:05 am – Wow. I thought I was going to be late but I’m relatively on time. I realize I didn’t have a kombucha this morning so I make my breakfast and then head to CVS to pick up a bottle. While checking out I realize I have a 20% coupon that I left at home. Damn. $5

12:00 pm – Weekly toast time! For lunch today when have Mexican food and margaritas in honor of Cinco de Mayo. I had 2 mushroom tacos and they were BOMB. The weather outside is ok so I go for a walk with a few coworkers.

3:45 pm – After sending some emails a coworker and I decide to go on walk number 2 of the day. We check out a local sample sale and I see a scarf I really like…for $70. ELLE OH FUCKING ELLE.

5:00 pm – Time to get up out of here! But first, I pack some leftover cilantro rice, salsa, and cheese from lunch and grab some snack for the weekend as well. I love working in tech. I’m never leaving again.

6:30 pm – Yoga time! I love starting my weekends off in pure relaxation mode. I realize I’m getting pretty good as I go through the entire practice without breaking a sweat and instructor is very challenging. I feel super proud!

7:45 pm – I shower and wash my hair and stretch it out as much as possible for my hair appointment tomorrow. I’m supposed to blow dry it but a girl’s hair dryer broke a few years ago and I never replaced it. After I finish my hair I binge watch Netflix until I fall asleep. Good night!

Daily Total: $0  

Day 6: Saturday 5/4/2019

9:00 am – Rise and shine! I am SO ready to get my hair done. It’s been super dry recently and I just want to put it away for a few weeks. I head to the ATM and withdraw cash for my appointment plus tip. ($300)

10:00 am – My stylist salon is all the way in Crown Heights and I want to make sure I get there on time because I don’t want to forfeit my deposit. Plus the MTA runs funky on the weekends. Google Maps give me a 45 minute ETA, I leave giving myself 1 hour and 30 minutes to get there. Never trust the MTA y’all.

11:15 am – Okuuur. So I’m 45 minutes early. I go for a walk to look for some lunch and quickly realize this is not the neighborhood I want to be casually strolling in so I sit my ass in the salon and wait for my stylist to arrive.

Fresh Braids12:05 pm – She arrives and we prepare for the next 8 hours of quality bonding time. We decide to watch Game of Thrones.

3:45 pm – We’re starving and my stylist orders us some Chinese food. Yum! One of my families asks me to babysit for tomorrow. God is good because I’m feeling cash poor since paying my rent and all my bills for the month. The Chinese is bomb!

7:17 pm – We finished! Well, she finished. I love my hair! The total is $285 minus my $25 deposit. I tip her $20. $280

8:30 pm – I listened to Jesus and Jollof on the way home, this episode is about finances and I make a conscious decision to put God first and set up a recurring tithe with my church. I quickly change into my pjs and put on Silence of the Lambs. For some reason, this movie always puts me to sleep. Good night!

Daily Total: $280

Day 7: Sunday 5/5/2019

8:30 am – Good morning! My cat Jacques is being extra cuddly so I lay in bed and snuggle for a little while.

9:00 am – I’m up! I get ready quickly and suddenly remember I wanted to film a video this weekend. I don’t think I can swing a full youtube video so I quickly beat my face for my IG stories and call it a day.

55234610-7413-43CC-A352-B5491D71962B11:45 am – Running late for church which makes me feel bad because I know I have to leave early to babysit today. It’s our FIRST WEEK DOING BROADCAST AND I AM SO PROUD OF MY PRODUCTION TEAM! It feels so weird sitting in the audience nowadays. I am so used to being in the production booth.

1:00 pm – Babysitting! I love my little nuggets of love. Funny enough the family I’m babysitting for is actually the CEOs of my previous company. Whew chile. God has a real sense of humor.

5:00 pm – Meeting my friend for dinner! So excited to catch up with him it’s been 5 ever! We chat about his new relationship, finances, and our future career paths. It’s crazy how long I’ve known this man. Time really does just fly by. Wow. And each time it’s like we just saw each other yesterday! Love him so much praying for the next step in his career. $40

9:00 pm – A bitch is tired but is trying to hang in there to watch Game of Thrones…

11:30 pm It was well worth it. I was very stressed throughout the entire show. Next week is about to pop off. Good night!

Daily Total: $40

Weekly Spend: $1,913

Weekly Reflection:

I cannot decide if I’m happy I paid all my bills ahead of time or sad? It feels great to go through the month not owing any one any money but then apart of me feels like my bank account balance is uncomfortably low. I’m torn.

Moving forward I’m realizing I’m going to have to be more strict with myself when it comes to shopping and my $20 daily limit. The $20 a day obviously excludes bills but I definitely splurged a bit at Urban Outfitters this week and I’m really not trying to return the cute tank tops I bought so what is a girl to do? Maybe I should make a conscious decision not to go into any stores if it’s not my intention to buy something. Wow. This is actually quite groundbreaking for me.

No longer window shopping to pass the time…what a concept.

Ultimately, I think moving forward I’m going to be low on cash until I’m 100% credit card debt free. I don’t think it makes much financial sense for me to have a bunch of cash on hand in accounts that gain .0001% interest (2.2% TOPS!) when I have debt that is carrying a 24.74% interest rate. Being an adult is so hard. I got myself into this mess, so now it’s time to get myself out. See you guys next week!

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