Here we are guys – week 4! Can you believe I made it an entire month obsessively documenting my finances??? This may be the most consistent I’ve been with any thing ever. Is this what being an adult is like? Following through on commitments you made to yourself?

Any who, this week is titled “A Perfectly Planned Exit” because I spent $0 on Uber/Lyft this week! I am so proud of myself. My financial belt is getting tighter y’all.

Day 1: Monday 4/21/2019

6:30 am – I opt not to shower this morning to ensure I goto my gym class tonight and shower after. Does anyone else do that? Anywho, my roomie is still out of town. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while so I don’t have any fruit for my homeless friend. I put a few dollars in my bag to give to her instead.

8:45 am – This morning I listened to another amazing Super Soul Conversations podcasts. Oprah is such a blessing to this world we are not worthy. My homeless friend isn’t in her spot today. I hope she’s well. You know the drill: dairy-free yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit! The breakfast of champions.

12:00 pm – Our Sales SVP is speaking to us during lunch time. Exciting! I’m starving so I head down quickly and it’s STILL CATERED FOOD. Sad. I have a vegan sandwich, two slices of mozzarella (I’ll regret this later), and a kale/squash salad during the sales meeting.

1:00 pm – Rushing to another meeting only to realize it’s 1:00 pm PST and not EST. Since I already ate, I go for a walk by myself in the rain. I end up finding the PERFECT foundation for every day work wear. It’s the Serum Foundation by The Ordinary. I’m obsessed and it’s a super affordable brand. I don’t have my wallet on me so I decide to wait until my next paycheck to purchase.

6:05 pm – My peers stay in the office late on Mondays. I still don’t have much work to do so I leave at the earliest opportunity and listen to Super Soul Conversations podcast again on my way home.

7:30 pm – I end up getting home later than usual and I miss my 7:30 pm workout class. Sad. But still I rise! I get dressed and attend the 8:00 pm yoga class. I realized the regular instructor is no longer teaching Mondays any more.

This new lady is nice but the practice is not challenging enough for me to break a sweat. So I feel like I didn’t even really work out.

9:30 pm – I take a quick shower and hop in bed and play with my kitty until I fall asleep. Good night!

Daily Total: $0

Day 2: Tuesday 4/22/2019

5:45 am – Good morning! I’m slow to get up but I am determined to goto the gym! I get dressed quickly and on the stairmaster by 6:25 am.

6:45 am – I do some light ab work but feeling kinda lazy so I head home to shower and get dressed. It’s 70 degrees today! So I wear one of my favorite pink dresses. I’m ready a little earlier than usual so I fold some laundry. My roomie is still in Austin so I leave whenever and listen to my church’s podcast on the way to work.

8:30 am – I stop to buy a kombucha before work because I didn’t have one yesterday. Treat yo self! I have my usual dairy free yogurt, granola, and fruit breakfast combo. $5

12:00 pm – Salads are BACK! And I’m so happy about it. It’s so much easier to be healthy when salads are the only option. After lunch me and a few of my coworkers take a stroll in the park. It’s so nice out. Here’s a pic of me in front of a tree:

4:30 pm – Leaving work early today for a therapy appointment. These are so therapeutic. This time last year I was in such a bad place mentally with thoughts of suicide and major depression. It’s incredible what a difference a year makes! Time is everything.

6:00 pm – Trader Joe’s time! I buy 3x kombuchas, hummus, pita chips, salsa, 7x bananas, arugula, fruit pouches (apple & banana! So yummy, I love baby food), panda puffs, and flowers.   $50

8:15 pm – Home and I have so much time! I catch up on some text – I have so many it’s a problem. And then I do some laundry. My allergies are really acting up so I brush my kitty and add a Zrytex to my daily vitamin mix.

9:00 pm – COMPLETELY forgot to book a Soulcycle class for Thursday and now the class is sold out. My friend and I decide to do Y7 instead. Good news for my wallet! Y7 is more affordable and since I’m a new student I get the 3 classes for $45 deal. They are usually $25 per class. $45

9:45 pm – I read Bad Blood for 15 minutes before bed and then off to sleep I go. Good night!

Daily Total: $100

Day 3: Wednesday 4/24/2019

5:30 am – Rise and shine! I’m pumped to get into the gym this morning. I purchase Beyonce’s Lemonade on Apple music to power through my workout. I do a quick 2 mile run and some abdominal and leg exercises. $18

7:00 am – Home and ready for a shower! I love starting the day off with some sweat. My roomie is still out of town. So I take my time getting ready and back up the veggie stir-fry I made last week to give to a homeless person.

8:45 am – I haven’t seen my homeless friend all week. I say a little prayer for her and have my regular dairy free yogurt, fruit, and granola. So happy there’s watermelon this morning!

12:00 pm – Lunch, lunch, lunch! Did I mention I am so happy we have the salad bar back? I have salad and then go on a walk with my coworkers. Love that we have Madison Square Park right outside of the office. A girl can get used to this!

6:00 pm – Sprinting out of the office because I have a Google event at 6:30 pm. Have you guys heard of The Journey with Blue? She’s my friend’s roommate so I show up for moral support. It’s also very motivating to see how AdWords can help small businesses. I really need to start marketing my company.

8:15 pm – Thank God for dinner parties! It’s our second one this week and outside from the leaders we just have one person show up. Which is fine! In the words of Paul Scanlon “Do not be afraid of small beginnings!” We had breakfast for dinner and I picked up some OJ to accompany the food. $5

10:00 pm – I am SO tired! And ready to go to bed. I am a fiscally responsible adult and opt to walk home instead of calling an uber.

Daily Total: $23

Day 4: Thursday 4/25/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! My roomie is finally back from her vacation which makes me so happy. This morning I put a banana in my bag for someone less fortunate and we’re out the door by 8:00 am.

8:45 am – In the office and I have the regular breakfast. Do I even have to say it? Dairy-free yogurt, granola, and fruit! Haven’t seen my homeless friend all day.

12:00 pm – Lunch time! So happy for this free salad bar. I am saving SO much money. At my old job I would spend $10-15 on lunch whenever I didn’t pack from home. After lunch me and a coworker who I’ve officially dubbed as my work dad go for a walk in the park and discuss finances.

This man has multiple properties! I’m trying to be like him. He said he’ll help me once I get out of credit card debt. He was shook when I told him I had 5 credit cards! I’m definitely going to take him up on his offer. So happy to have him as my work dad!

6:00 pm – Heading out of the office to meet my friend for our Y7 class at 7:00 pm. I end up window shopping at DSW to kill some time. I’m so confused as to how DSW prices and Bloomingdale’s prices are the exact same???

8:15 pm – By far Y7 had me the sweatiest I had ever been in my life. I loved every minute of it! After yoga my friend and I head to Sweet Green. I decided not to get anything and to eat at home. So proud of myself for being financially responsible.

9:00 pm – Home safely! I pop a frozen dinner in the oven and hop in the shower to wash my hair. I am the ultimate long distance chef! After my shower I braid my hair and eat dinner. In the bed by 10:30 pm, Good night!

Daily Total: $0

Day 5: Friday 4/27/2019

6:27 am – I had a very weird dream so I was so happy I woke up before my alarm this morning. I actually left my door open a crack last night so this morning my kitty is right next to me and ready for cuddles!

8:15 am – My roomie and I are running very late this morning but it’s ok cause its FRIDAY! I pack a banana in my bag, grab an umbrella, and we’re out the door!

9:00 am – My homeless friend is back! She said she’s been on the buses for the past few days. I give her the banana and head into work. Since it’s Friday I brought in kombucha. I’m feeling spicy today and selected the Cayannade flavor. Regular breakfast of dairy-free yogurt, granola, and berries!

12:00 pm – Today is bring your kids to work day in the office and there are SO many babies! My heart is melting. For lunch, we have a very unhealthy nugget fest. I have vegan regular and buffalo nuggets, french friend, and mac n cheese. I am so full. And it’s raining so no midday walk for me today.

4:00 pm – Spoke too soon! A few of my co-workers and I go out for a quick coffee. Just one more hour left until the weekend!

5:45 pm – I make it home but realize I forgot to pick up my choker from the Y7 yoga studio! I double back out to pick it up.

8:30 pm – I have drinks with a friend at 9:00 pm but I’m in a truly awkward moment in time where I could either go home and risk not making it back out the house or just sit a bar and wait 30 minutes for my friend. I say fuck it and head to Horses and Divorces! I have a beer while I wait. $8

12:00 am – I am so drunk! My friend and I got wasted, he paid. He’s honestly the best. On my walk back home I ran into the manager of Randolph! We exchange numbers and told me to let him know whenever I wanted to stop by for bottomless brunch and he will “make it work”.


I haven’t been able to get into that place for brunch in two years! I make a mental note to plan a girls brunch soon.

Daily Total: $8

Day 6: Saturday 4/27/2018

9:45 am – Good morning! I have a doctor’s appointment today so I get dressed and head out.

11:45 am – Whew, chile. The MTA truly does whatever it wants on the weekend.

4:00 pm – Heading to the gym! Slowly working towards my Teyana Taylor body. Honestly, the gym makes me so happy. And I’m so proud of myself for committing to being healthier and happier this year.

5:30 pm – I finish up at the gym and head over to CVS to get my prescription. For some reason my HSA (health spending account) card isn’t working so I pay out of pocket. Ugh, so annoying. I’m blessed my prescription is affordable. $35

8:30 pm – So my friend’s birthday party starts at…8:30 pm and I’m just now starting to get ready. I ended making an impulse purchase for some new makeup sponges and brushes because…I wanted to. Ugh, this was not a financially responsible decision. $36

10:00 pm – Happy birthday to my new friend! I met this girl at work and she is a blast. I end up paying for two drinks and a man I met bought the rest. It was a great night plus I planned my exit perfectly and caught the B62 bus home at 1:27 am. $30

Daily Total: $101

Day 7: Sunday 4/28/2019

6:45 am – By the grace of God I am up this morning! I am happy to be able to serve this morning. I get to church and it’s the dream team this morning. Let’s go!

11:15 am – Leaving early today because I want to see an apartment! I am hoping this helps motivate me to get out of credit card debt and start saving.

2:00 pm – The apartment was everything I wanted! It is $675,000 asking which means for a 20% 15 year fixed mortgage I would need to put $135,000 down. Currently, I have $0 lol. Actually less than $0 because I’m in debt!

I decide to cook a nice healthy dinner and recreate my favorite fish taco warm bowl from Sweet Green. I wonder what other yummy menu items I could recreate at home. I pop on over to the grocery store to pick up salmon, scallops, and soy milk. $25

6:30 pm – After my early dinner (I ate around 4:00 pm – oh well!) I’m still feeling hung over and exhausted from Saturday night. I end up staying in bed and binging Real Housewives of Atlanta while being semi-productive on my laptop.

9:30 pm – To finish the RHOA season with the third Reunion episode or to watch Game of Thrones. RHOA wins, I watch the final episode and doze off to sleep.

Daily Total: $25

Weekly Total: $257

Weekly Reflection

I need more zero spend days in my life! Now I have completed a full month of tracking my spending I notice that once I start spending money I simply don’t stop. Starting in May I am going to implement a $20 per day limit on shopping and dining out. Which allows $560 per month in fun money.

A $560 fun budget aligns with my ideals so I’m going to be taking small steps in order to make it a reality. With rules such as if I spend $35 one day then the nexts day’s budget is $5.

Another rule I want to implement is “putting away” money. I used to pay for my laundry, nails, hair, and waxes to be done on a regular basis. In order to save money I cut back on the luxuries..but where did the money go? Girl I could not tell you! So moving forward every time I perform one of these money saving tasks I want to make a micropayment on my credit cards.

I’m feeling good about this plan! See you next week!

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