Wooohooo we made it to Week number 3! Accurately entitled “Damn you Debt” because she’s a bitch, but sadly I only have myself to blame. This week we had a financial advisor come into the office and she was SO inspiring! She said it took her a long time to become comfortable talking about money and boy does that resonate with me. I’m not sure what I would do if someone I knew in real life read this blog. Internet friends are honestly the best. AnyTways, I’m rambling. Please check out the post below to see how I spent my money this week!

Day 1: Monday 4/15/2019

6:45 am – Good morning! I am feeling so refreshed from church yesterday and ready to spread the love this week. I feed my kitty, change his liter, and get my day started!

8:00 am – Roomie and I running a bit behind schedule but it’s ok. We walk to the train and to my surprise she’s taking the train to work this am! Usually, we just walk to the train together and she takes the bus instead. Happy for this extra quality time.

9:05 am – I made my homeless friend a bagel this morning but she’s not in her usual spot. I hope she’s ok! I head into work and…drum roll please…dairy-free yogurt is BACK! I’m so happy. I have my regular breakfast of dairy-free yogurt, fruit, and granola. Plus I brought in kombucha from home! Yummy.

12:00 pm – We have catered Indian food for lunch today! I’m not sure exactly what I had but it was all so yummy! I love Indian food so much. After lunch, a coworker and I play the basketball arcade game we have in the office and play a few rounds of table tennis after. Working in Tech is the best.

2:00 pm – TEYANA TAYLOR BODY GOALS! I have an Rx Blueberry protein bar for a snack. Plus 2 almond butter peanut butter cups because why not?

4:00 pm – The Lord giveths and he takeths away. Remember when I said I was behind on rent? I sit down at my desk and pay my April rent (2 weeks late lol) and give the Lord my tithe. I am so thankful I am even able to pay this with one check! At my last job, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this. God is good! $1,305  

6:00 pm – Tonight I’m living my best nerd life and attending a Conversational AI conference all about the future of chatbots! I have decided that I want to get my Masters degree in Computer Science so I’ve been trying to get my feet wet in the artificial intelligence space. I had two slices of pizza and two glasses of wine. Food always tastes better when it’s free, don’t ya think?

9:30 pm – I got home and after listening to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday: The Anatomy of Trust with Dr. Brene Brown podcast for the THIRD time today I feel moved to reach out to an old friend. I’m painting my nails and try to use the talk to text technology and then just ended up sending him a voice note.

(Sidenote: have you ever tried painting your nails and texting at the same time? It’s impossible!)

I think I really hurt his feelings but I’m not sure because he won’t talk to me. Oh well. He’ll get over it eventually…or he won’t.

10:30 pm – Forget my Sprint bill is also due today. Praise the Lord it is the LAST phone bill I will ever pay! My company added my phone to their plan because I don’t have a desk phone. God is so good. $89

Daily Total: $1,394

Day 2: Tuesday 4/16/2019  

5:45 am – Rise and shine! Today is a gym before work kind of day. I have been obsessed with the Stairmaster. After 20 minutes and 200 calories, it’s 6:50 am so I head back home for a quick shower. Definitely, want to try to get here earlier tomorrow.

8:00 am – Running a little behind again and forgot to bring food for my homeless friend. She’s not in her usual spot for the second day in a row, I’m starting to get a little worried. For breakfast, I have my usual dairy-free yogurt, granola, and berries.

12:00 pm – Catered lunch again?!?! I am starting to miss my salads! Today I have a sweet potato and bean burrito, cabbage / brussel sprout/kale chopped salad, and corn/avocado salad. So yummy!

Afterward, I play table tennis with a few coworkers

3:35 pm – Protein bar snack time! Today it’s an Rx Bar in the flavor salted chocolate. So good! I’ve noticed this protein bars keep me super full so I don’t snack as much.  

6:30 pm – After work me and all the black people at my job (there’s 4 of us in total) go out for Taco Tuesday at Tacombi! I had a little too much to drink but I enjoyed myself. Some of the men at the table put down extra $$$ to cover the bill. My portion ends up being $20

11:00 pm – Despite the rain I remained strong and financially responsible and took the train home. So proud of myself!

Daily Total: $20

Day 3: Wednesday 4/17/2019

5:30 am – I wake up and it’s pouring! No gym for me this morning back to sleep I go!

8:50 am – She’s not here again! I am very worried now. I say a prayer for my homeless friend, I hope she’s ok. I get to work and there are no more dairy-free yogurts. I substitute my regular for a Chobani and add granola and fruit per usual.

12:30 pm – I had a meeting at 12:00 pm so I’m late for lunch. Apparently, it’s catered all this week? I had some yummy noodles and tofu and chopped carrot salad. After lunch, I take a walk outside with some coworkers and play some table tennis after.

3:30 pm – Have you guys heard of Blue Light glasses? Apparently, they’re supposed to help with eye strain and fatigue from staring at screens all day. Growing up I’ve always wanted to wear glasses and actually would buy glasses and pop out the lenses so this was the perfect excuse to buy a new pair. $25

5:15 pm – And I’m out of here! My black flats hurt my feet so I walk over to Marshall’s to see if they have some affordable black sandals. On the way, I ran into a guy I knew/sorta kinda dated in college. Small world!

At Marshall’s, I, of course, end up with a cart full of random miscellaneous items that I “needed”. I left the cart in the store and headed home. So proud of myself!

8:00 pm – Something is in the air! On my way to my dinner party, I ran into ANOTHER guy I used to date! What is happening????

Anywho, dinner party was a success! It was my first time leading and our FIRST dinner party at this location. We had about 12 people show up. I’m so proud!

11:30 pm – Home so late. Sleeeeeeeeeeep!

Daily Total: $25

Day 4: Thursday 4/18/2019

6:30 am – Good morning! Decide to skip the gym this morning and take my time getting ready. Which is good because it took me four tries to figure out today’s outfit. But I’m very happy with the results and I look super cute! My roomie had to be at work at 7:30 am so I walk to the train solo and listen to Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations with Michael Beckwith Participate in Your Unfolding. This podcast is life changing. 

8:45 am – My homeless friend is in her usual spot! I forgot to bring her a snack so I asked if she wanted me to get her something to eat. She just wanted water so I stopped in Starbucks and got her one. In the office, I had my usual breakfast of dairy-free yogurt, fruit, and granola. $3

12:00 pm – Catered lunch again! I had so yummy farro and a salad. After lunch, we have a financial planning seminar and I am BLOWN AWAY. The whole purpose of this money diary was to help me take control of my finances. This woman really helped get me together.

I want to be completely credit card debt free by 12/31/2019 and I need to start making weekly payments on my credit cards.

Apparently, you should eliminate all credit card debt before saving? So I lowered my 401(K) payments from 15% to 6% — I couldn’t pass up the free money and 6% company match!

Going to make it a point tonight to know my numbers and have a plan and DATE for when I will be credit card debt free!

3:35 pm – My blue light blocking glasses are here! I’m so excited. I notice my Discover card payment is due tomorrow so I pay it now. And since I’m paying bills I go ahead and pay my Barclaycard too! Cause why not? $250

5:00 pm – I’m babysitting after work today so I leave promptly and head over to the family’s house. This is the same family from last week that buys my dinner so I get sushi. Me and my baby watch Sesame Street until she falls asleep.

8:30 pm – Baby is knocked out! So now is my time to get to work. I do some research and come up with a financial plan to eliminate my credit card debt by 12/2019! It’s going to require a lot of sacrifice on my end but I really want to buy an apartment in NYC and I can’t do that with this debt dragging me down.

11:30 pm – Past my bedtime but I accomplished a lot today plus the family gave me another tip! Feeling blessed and eager to set my new financial plan into motion.  

Daily Total: $253

Day 5: Friday 4/19/2019

6:30 am – Rise and shine! I get up and decide not to shower this morning and to just laze around and get ready slowly. I clean the apartment a little and I’m out the door! My roomie left for Austin this weekend so I walk to the train by myself while listening to The Read podcast.

8:45 am – My homeless friend isn’t in her usual spot again. I’m sure she’s fine. It actually works out because I forgot to grab something for her this morning. I head into the office and have my dairy-free yogurt, fruit, and granola. Also, it’s Friday! Which means I brought a kombucha from home as well.

11:30 am – I have a meeting with my manager and it goes pretty well. I asked to be put on the West Coast team and share with her that before I took this job I was actually planning on moving to West Hollywood. Hopefully, this means I can go to LA for work and bond with my friends on the West Coast!

12:00 pm – It’s time for our weekly toast! Every Friday our company has a “toast” in which Executives update us on the business and we get catered lunch. Not so special since we had catered lunch all this week. Today it’s Cuban and I have some yummy Salmon, rice, beans, tofu, and plantains. So good!

After lunch, I end up going on a walk by myself in the park across the street from my office. Funny enough I run into my neighbor (he lives on the floor above me) and we sit and chat together for a bit. Such a small world! I’ve been running into so many people this week.

3:30 pm – My boss says we can leave at 3:30 pm so I’m out the door! The rest of my team stays but…I’m not trying to stay in the office just to stay in the office. It’s Friday for pete’s sake!

6:30 pm – YOGA TIME! This is hands down my favorite way to start the weekend. I am feeling very relaxed and honestly, just want to stay in and get a good night’s sleep. I end up canceling my plans and hopping into the shower after class. Is this what being an adult is like? I would honestly rather stay in than go out nowadays.

10:00 pm – Ok. Facts are facts. The money I have saved is accruing 1.80% interest while my credit card debt is accruing 20%+ interest. I kick start my financial plan and pay off my American Express card with money from a savings account.  $548

12:45 pm – I’m up so late watching HOMECOMING and girl. Wow. If Beyonce can do Homecoming my ass can wake up at 5:30 am and go to the gym. Let me stop playing.

Daily Total: $548

Day 6: Saturday 4/20/2019

10:45 am – I love sleeping in on weekends! I get up and start doing some laundry mainly because I really want to go to the gym but all my gym clothes are dirty. Talk about motivation! I also go ahead and pay down on my Chase credit card bill because my dream apartment has me motivated to save! (To more accurately put it – get in a debt-free place so I can start saving for a down payment) $250

1:45 pm – I’m supposed to be at my friend’s apartment at 2pm. Welp. I’m running late! I pick up some vodka for us to pregame and make my way to her apartment. $18

5:30 pm – Soooooooo…..me and my friends were supposed to meet my friend for her birthday celebration at 4:00 pm. Clearly, we just got here. Sadly we missed her but we already ordered drinks so we stay to drink them. My friend and I split the check, she pays for her twin and I pay for my friend. $24

6:45 pm – Ok FINALLY made it see my friend and celebrate her birthday! Drinks are flowing and there are gorgeous views from her apartment. Her boyfriend’s brother ends up having a thing for me so I stay and flirt.

11:45 pm – SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR TAKING THE SUBWAY HOME! Tomorrow is Easter and I’m helping out with production tomorrow so I want to make sure I get a good night’s sleep.

Daily Total: $292

Day 7: Sunday 4/21/2019

5:45 am – Happy Easter! I’m wearing this vintage Marc Jacobs skirt I thrifted a few weeks ago and I’m so happy with the way it looks! I’m feeling myself and I wear heels to church. I’m not walking in these shoes, plus I’m running late so I call a Lyft and SURPRISE I end up sharing with a friend from church. This is the fourth coincidental meeting I’ve had this week. $8 

7:45 am – We need to set up this giant cross and I am literally useless in my heels. But at least I look cute! I actually sit in the audience for the first service (SO WEIRD! I’m usually behind the scenes somewhere).

10:15 am – After the first service, I pop back home (via bus!), do some laundry, change, and I’m back in time to produce the last two services of the day.

4:00 pm – FINALLY DONE! I have a dinner in an hour so I kinda regret the leftover donuts I binged on while packing down the stage. Oh well!

5:30 pm – So excited for Easter dinner! I love my church family so much. We had some amazing pizza at Fornino’s and our friend made cupcakes for everyone! It doesn’t get better than this. I pay for my portion of dinner and also give my friend a partial $50 payment for our Airbnb for a friend’s wedding. This was an expensive dinner but I paid cash so it feels like I didn’t pay anything? I don’t know how that works $84

10:00 pm – Game of Thrones then bed. Sweet dreams!

Daily Spend: $92

Weekly Spend: $2,624

Weekly Reflection:

Sweet Jesus I had no idea I spent so much money this week! Part of me is having heart palpitations and has no idea how I’m going to continue living like this. The other half of me is grateful I accomplished a few financial goals this week. Goal #1 was to get current on my rent. Check! And goal #2 was to pay off a credit card. Double check!

I guess when it comes to paying off my credit cards I cannot believe how much debt I’m in. When I pay the minimum (or slightly more than the minimum) I have this false sense of financial stability. My inner voice is saying, “I totally got this debt under control, I never miss a payment!” when in actuality I had no idea how much debt I was really carrying and swiping my credit card whenever I felt like it. To be honest, I’ve probably paid my debtors 2x over. Paying the minimum is a scam, ladies!

Moving forward, I’m going to have more big spend weeks like this as I pay off my credit card debt but it will all be worth it when I’m (credit card) debt free in 2020!

See you guys next week xoxo

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