Hi, my loves! I’m attempting to get better with my finances by closely tracking my expenses. Guess what? You all are my accountability partners! Here’s how I spend my money in a week.

(DISCLAIMER: This is obviously super inspired by Money Diaries by Refinery29)

Money Diary Week 2

Day 1: Monday 4/8/2019

6:15 am – Today is the day! I wake up feeling refreshed and head to the gym for a quick 1-mile run. I do an 8fit workout and head back home to get ready for work.

7:45 am – My roommate has to be a work early today so she leaves at 7:45 am sharp. I’m “ready” but still cleaning and don’t feel like rushing this morning. Grab a banana for someone less fortunate and head out the door around 8:00 am.

8:45 am – So ready for breakfast! I have my regular dairy-free yogurt, granola, and fruit bowl. No trainings or meetings today so I spend most of my morning reviewing the presentations during the week-long training last week.

10:00 am – My church has a 14-day devotional on the YouVersion Bible App! I invite my mom, cousins, and a few friends to join me. Super excited! You can check it out here (Search C3 Grace Wins in the app).

12:00 pm – I am SO ready for this salad bar! I ping some girls in the office and we all have lunch together. After my salad I grad a few candies and head back to my desk.

2:00 pm – Time for my afternoon tea and candies! I’m sipping Lemon & Ginger tea today ladies and snacking on a Reese’s and KitKat (miniature versions of course). Typically I would have a hardier snack but I have a meeting and don’t want to make a scene lol.

4:00 pm – Just one more hour! I grab a bag of veggie straws (the chips) from the office kitchen and head back to my desk. I love this time in the around because everyone gets a little more chatty.

6:30 pm – Finally home! I eat the last of the Sweet Green Fish Taco warm bowl I recreated. My new roommate is Swedish and she asks me to look over a paper for her graduate school program. I’m happy to help! I really miss school. I can’t wait to go back.

7:00 pm – I meet a friend and go on a walk before VICE LIVE tonight! I scored free tickets tonight and she’s my plus one. We stop at Freehold on the way there and have a drink and good conversation. She pays!

11:00 pm – The show was so good! The special guest was Tamar Braxton and she WAVED AT ME! I’m such a fan of hers. Praying for her as she enters a new beginning. I get home around 11:30 and I am exhausted. I do my nightly skincare routine and I’m off to sleep.

Daily Spend: $0

Day 2: Tuesday 4/9/2019

7:00 am – Good morning! I’m definitely feeling that missing hour of sleep this morning. I can’t even remember if I showered? So I take a shower just in case lol. Running slightly behind this morning but my roommate isn’t in a rush. It was 77 degrees yesterday and now it’s 40?! Me and my wardrobe have questions.

On my commute I listen to my church’s podcast. Usually it populates every Wednesday! So it’s such a blessing to get the word a little early this week!

8:45 am – I have a collapsible backpack I got from a Black Woman Talk Tech conference. I give it to my homeless friend in addition to her banana this morning. In the office we’re out of dairy free yogurt. Sad. I opt for a chobani yogurt instead and topped it with granola and fruit. Plus I brung a kombucha from home! Today is going to be a great day!

12:00 pm – Day is going by super quickly because I’ve just been at my desk watching onboarding videos. Very excited for lunch! I invite a few people to lunch (trying to foster a community!) and we pig out on the salad bar. So yummy! So thankful for free company food.

1:30 pm – I have my afternoon tea and have back to back meetings after lunch. I pick up baked Lays BBQ chips from the kitchen and realized I’m actually going to have to take it to-go! Leaving early today for a therapy appointment at 4:30 pm.

5:00 pm – My therapist gets me ALL THE WAY TOGETHER. I didn’t realize how much of myself I was pouring into my church community. I need to set boundaries so I can give from a loving place and not a place of resentment. I brainstorm how I’m going to phrase this to my team and stop at Sephora before heading home.

I want to add my Clarisonic back into my my skincare routine and in order to do so I need to replace my old brush head. I pick up the Sensitive Skin brush head. $32

6:00 pm – I get home and decide to just relax. I take a nice long hot shower, use my Clarisonic to give myself a facial, moisturize and pop my favorite frozen dinner in the oven. I curl up in bed and read Bad Blood. I’m sleep by 9:30 pm.

Daily Spend: $32

Day 3: Wednesday 4/10/2019

6:30 am – My alarm has been going off at 6:30 am instead of 7:00 am but I don’t mind. I briefly consider going to the gym but then ultimately decide I would rather take my time and have a nice easy morning.

I pack a banana for my friend and walk to the train with my roommate. I listen to Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast with Shawn Achor. It’s so good I plan on listening again later.

8:45 am – My homeless friend sits 2 blocks away from my office and like clockwork, I hand her the banana and say good morning. I head into the office and have my regular breakfast of yogurt (out of the dairy free kind), granola, and fruit. There are breakfast muffins this morning so I take a slice of a blueberry muffin. Yummy!

9:30 am – Time to get my day started! I have my Chase credit card bill due today and whew she’s a big one. I’ve become very comfortable with carrying balances on my credit cards which is a habit I’m trying to break. I pay a little more than the minimum and make a mental note to revisit the bill once I get paid next week. $50

12:00 pm – LUNCH TIME! I’m so ready for a yummy salad today. I’m so happy my workplace provides this for us every day. It helps me #1 save money and #2 stay healthy! SCORE!

2:00 pm – I have a webinar focused on the ins and outs of native advertising (my new job!). I grab my favorite snack Veggie Straws and 3 dark chocolate almond butter cups and plugin.

3:30 pm – In lieu of my dark chocolate almond butter cups I have two soft-baked cookies and microwave them so they’re nice and warm. Decide to step out of the office and go for a walk to burn a few calories and soak up some sun!

My manager sends me this video on Dwayne Wade and I end up crying in the office. So embarrassing!

6:00 pm – Home and off to the gym for a quick work out!

8:15 pm – Meeting with my pastor and some other ladies to discuss a dinner party we’re launching. So grateful I am able to be a part of something so much bigger than myself!

11:45 pm – It’s waaaaay past my bedtime. Left the meeting as soon as I could but you know how it goes when people start talking. I’m exhausted and pass out immediately.

Daily Spend: $50

Day 4: Thursday 4/11/2019

6:45 am – Good morning! I wake up and decide today is going to be a natural hair day. I do my skincare and makeup routine, take down my hair, and get dressed for the day! My roomie is wearing a light coat and I wear one too – big mistake. It’s freezing!

8:45 am – I give my homeless friend a banana on my way to work and prepare myself for back to back meetings. No diary free yogurt options so I go with chobani and top it with fruit and granola. The usual!

1:30 pm – Whew! My first 30-minute break. I’m learning so much about my new company my head is imploding. I’m so tired for some reason. I grabbed a cold brew between meetings (honestly half cold brew half soy milk) that usually does the trick, but not today.

Going to try to go to bed by 9:30 pm tonight!

5:30 pm – Book club! This month’s reading was Bad Blood. I still haven’t finished but that didn’t stop me from participating. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and cannot wait for the next book to be chosen!

6:30 pm – I have about an hour to kill before Volleyball tonight. I join my co-workers at a happy hour and have ONE drink. A coworker pays for me – it’s great to be a girl! Proud of myself for exhibiting self control. I enjoy my work community and there are lots of laughs.

8:00 pm – VOLLEYBALL! I told myself I was going to play for a little and then head home at 8:30 pm. Turns out our team is only 5 people this week so if I leave we forfeit the game. I stay and have an amazing time. We won all three games!

10:30 pm – So much for being in bed at 9:30 pm. I’m so exhausted I knock out as soon as I get home. Can’t remember if I did my nightly skincare routine (which means I probably didn’t do it!). Good night!

Daily Spend: $0

Day 5: Friday 4/12/2019

7:00 am – Good morning! I decide to wash my hair this morning which is no easy feat. I’m Nigerian and Black American so my hair is VERY thick and long. The struggle is real but I manage to completely wash, detangle, and shower in 30 minutes! Praise God!

8:20 am – Leaving the house later than usual. My roommate is a sweetheart and waits for me. We walk to the train together.

8:50 am – I gave my homeless friend a banana on my walk from the train to work. I’m shocked I got to work relatively early! Today has just been filled with blessings. It’s Friday so I brought kombucha from home and have my regular breakfast of yogurt, granola, and fruit!

12:00 pm – On Friday’s we have catered lunch and for today it’s Hawaiian food! The only Hawaiian I’ve ever had are Hawaiian rolls. It’s super yummy and I’m so full.

My company does a weekly toast every Friday and I got a shout out this week for my sportsmanship during the Volleyball game! Woohoo!

3:00 pm – After watching training videos back to back I’m ready to get from behind my desk and move! My work friend and I go for coffee then play one of those basketball arcade games we have in the office. Followed by a round of table tennis!

The beer cart comes around and I have a Blue Moon and pig out on a rice Krispy treat, Laura bar, and 2 almond butter cups. This is not apart of my Teyana Taylor body plan!!!!

5:00 pm – And I’m out of here! While I was funemployed and starting my business I babysat for a bunch of families in my neighborhood. One of my families reached out so I’m heading straight to their apartment after work.

5:30 pm – This family orders my dinner whenever I sit for them and I can’t help but order Pies n’ Thighs. Yes, it’s as unhealthy as it sounds but it’s so good!

I make a mental note to start eating clean and working out tomorrow. I remember I have my Discover credit card bill due today so I pay the minimum. $52

9:15 pm – The parents got home an hour early and pay me for my scheduled four hours plus gave me a tip! So many blessings today!

10:00 pm – I get home and a friend wants to go to a bar around the corner from my place. I’m down but secretly put on my pjs and bonnet after we facetime and she’s not dressed lol. She flakes 30 minutes later. Easy come easy go! I end up binge watching Game of Thrones. Good night!

Daily Spend: $52

Day 5: Saturday 4/12/2019

11:00 am – Good morning! My roomie and I usually go to a Zumba class at 11:00 am. Since I just woke up she goes without me and I make myself a bowl of cereal.

I have an American Express bill due tomorrow so I pay it before I forget $125

12:00 pm – I do my daily devotional and head off to the gym for a quick workout session. I love Saturdays!

1:00 pm – Home from the gym! Have a protein shake for lunch (they’re so gross but TEYANA TAYLOR BODY!) and wax before taking a shower and getting ready for the day.

3:00 pm – Heading out to FINALLY see Us movie by Jordan Peele. It’s 75 degrees so in lieu of the bus I walk down to Nitehawk cinema and make it 10 minutes early for the 4:00 pm showing. I am addicted to popcorn and order two. I love taking myself out for dates! $25

6:00 pm – I get home and change into sweats IMMEDIATELY. I am so sh00k from the movie. I decide to clean up my apartment a bit and snack on some leftover mac n’ cheese from Pies n’ Thighs.

8:00 pm – I get a text from my pastor saying I need to be at church a 7:45 am instead of 8:00 am. I had plans to see my friend’s Drag Show and meet a friend for a drink. God is GOOD and my friend’s Drag Show is actually for next Friday so I cancel my drink plans and curl up in bed. Good night!  

Daily Spend: $150

6:00 am – Happy Sunday! Today is a huge day for me because I’m leading a service solo for the first time. Usually, I’m just the technician and work under a leader. Honestly, our team is so small we’re basically all leaders. I wake up, make myself an avocado toast and walk to church.

On my way, I stop and pick up a kombucha from Rite Aid. I also use my Granny’s card Rite Aid rewards card and there’s a $5 reward so the kombucha is covered! Thanks, Granny!

7:30 am – Myself and the audio guy are here so early. We chat and catch up since I saw him last. The truck isn’t getting here until 7:45 am so there’s not much for me to do until then.

3:30 pm – Whew! What a day. I’m just now getting home from church. The message was so good I’m happy I got to hear it thrice. I ended up starting my period which explains all the cookies I had this week and the fatigue!

5:00 pm – Making a stirfry today with all the groceries I purchased last week! I start the rice and dip out to the corner store and pick up a bell pepper and kombuchas for the week. $11

6:30 pm – Dinner was good! I love rice but every time I try to make it it turns out so bland. Any tips? After dinner I shower and wash my hair.

9:00 pm – I decided to braid my hair down so I could wear my wigs this week. My hair is getting waaaay to long and it takes me about an hour to put six cornrows in my head. I cannot wait until my box braid appointment in May! I finish around 10:00 pm, watch Game of Thrones, and drift to sleep.

Daily Spend: $161

Weekly Total Spend: $445

Weekly Reflection

I am very proud of my spending habits this week! It was majority bills and I took myself out on a cute date. Hoping to continue this habit of spending. Not going to lie I online browsed A LOT this week and it took everything I had not to buy work clothes from the Banana Republic Factory sale they had going on.

(Even as I type this I am still thinking about making a purchase when I get paid tomorrow! Lord please be with me!)

Moving into the third week of this little money diary / daily micro blogging challenge I want to make sure I am reading more and may adding more of a spiritual element to the practice? Trying to enforce writing, reading, spirituality (JESUS), and financial responsibility into my daily practices. We’ll see what this little adventure turns into.

See you next week!

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