<M’Baku Voice> I have watched and listened from the mountains. I have watched with disgust as our country has been overseen by a child who scoffs at equality </M’Baku Voice>

Praise the lord elections are nearly upon us. As we enter into the fourth quarter of 2018 we have a chance to really make a difference and stall (perhaps even impeach!) the misogynistic, fascist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic embarrassment we have of a president. For the purposes of this essay, I will refer to number 45 as “Some Rich Asshole” FYI – there’s a handy Chrome extension that will automatically correct 45 to “Some Rich Asshole” it has done wonders for my sanity.

Currently, this country is going to shit at lightning speed because in this day of our lord the Republicans control both the House and Senate. I know, I know that probably means nothing to you. I’ve always been such a political nerd so let me break it down real quick.

Our government is run by a system of checks and balances. The White House i.e. President is pretty much the head bitch in charge. But even the HBIC would be nothing without her gaggle of bitches, which is basically where the House, Senate, and Supreme Court comes in.

Let’s say the President wants to make a new law i.e. let’s jail immigrant children and separate families because racism. This new racist law has to then be “cosigned” by the gaggle of bitches i.e. the House and Senate before it can go into effect.

You may be thinking, “Where’s the Supreme Court to check this?” Guess what. Getting things to the Supreme Court is a ridiculously slow process. A case will have to be taken to court a the local level depending on the outcome the case can be appealed and taken to the state court. Once heard by a state’s supreme court THEN the case will be eligible for appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. Then and only then will it be added to the queue of about 7,000 requests the Supreme Courts gets in a typical year. Fingers crossed 4 out of the 9 judges agree to review the case then the case has the chance of being heard that year. Due to the high volume of request only about 80 cases are tried in the Supreme Court in 12 months. But don’t get it twisted, while the Supreme Court is slow as a snail they do hold some serious power (i.e. Brown vs. Board or Roe vs. Wade) to check Some Rich Asshole. Which is why it’s imperative Kavanaugh does not get this seat but more on that later.

Now, because the President, the House, and the Senate are all under Republican rule since the 2016 elections the past two years have been a literal shit show as we have watched the racists cut government programs such as Medicaid and Education and provide UNLIMITED funding for unnecessary border control initiatives #AbolishICE

Not to mention, Flint still doesn’t have clean water and that Dakota Access Pipeline we were protesting? Rich Asshole approved that and the pipes burst #suprise so the Standing Rock Tribe needs clean water too but I digress…

2018 Midterm Elections MATTER because we now have a serious shot of stalling Some Rich Asshole’s misogynistic, fascist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic agenda! We can get some great progressive Democrats in office and stall, stall, and stall some more at the very least. At the very most, we could impeach this Rich Asshole and get him out of the White House.

So please, I am begging you. Do some homework. Our President Barack Obama released his 2018 Midterm endorsements here. For each and every state. Please find yours and register to vote today! Midterm elections are November 8, 2018.

P.S. As an early birthday present to me please please please register to vote. Registration for New York ends October 12. Voting registration deadlines vary for every state find more info here!

Stay woke my loves xoxo

Posted by:High Black Girl

2 replies on “Why Midterms Matter 2018

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