The Influencer by Brittany Hennessy is a one of a kind guide for starting a career as a social media influencer. I picked up a copy because I have always been fascinated by the lives of influencers and I wanted to learn more about the ends and outs of the business.

It should be noted that Brittany Hennessy is not an influencer – she hired them on behalf of her clients at Hearst Magazines! This book is written from the unique perspective of someone who spends their time searching the web looking for fresh faces to keep clients i.e. Covergirl happy with the latest influencer talent.

As someone on the inside Hennessy is able to give invaluable advice, for example, how much should you be charging brands if you have 50,000 followers? How much if you 500,000? Hennessy breaks it all down in an easy to read chart with subscriber count, distribution fees, and talent fees all laid out in black and white.

In my opinion, the chart alone makes the book worth the $10 on Amazon but it gets even better. Throughout the book, Hennessy provides an array of “Expert Tips” ranging from email templates to how to get on the next “Blogger Roundup” (an article that rounds up new and upcoming influencers). This book also teaches you how to market yourself to publishers, brands, and talent agents. It even includes advice from influencers like  Oh Joy, TheAmbitionista, Tenipanosian, and more!

So in short, YES a million times over this book is totally worth it. Deciding to pursue a career in social media may be daunting, the career path did not exist a decade ago and career trajectory is not exactly as laid out as an Associate to Manager to Director type role. Like any career, there’s the good and the bad. But if you’ve ever considered it, I say give it a shot!

Pick up a camera, start a blog, record some video and don’t forget to pick up this book!

Goodluck loves xoxo

Posted by:High Black Girl

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